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TDI 101 Got a simple/basic TDI question? Are you a newbie (new to the forums). Feel free to post your question here.

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Old September 11th, 2003, 03:06   #1
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Question HOW TO and do-it-yourself threads

This page has grown quite large in the last few years. It's main purpose was to put all the helpfull "how to" posts in one section for easy reference. It is becoming more difficult to find things, even in this one thread. So I have edited the thread & divided the "How to's" into categories to make things a little easier to find. I will add more subsections, like Engine maintenance, Performance, ETC. As well as maybe divide the links into models (A4, A3/B4, etc.). But I want to clean it all up first, then get into the little details. I just don't have a lot of spare time this week.

Please, if you have any suggestions for where I placed any of the items, feel free to contact me and I will make the appropriate changes. But please do so through IM's. And to keep this thread user friendly & easy to navigate, please only post links to how to's that you may have done or seen. Please do not post questions or feedback in this thread.

NOTE: This is a work in progress as it takes a long time to do the editing & fixing the links. I hope to have it all done in a few days.


First & foremost, don't forget to look at the ARTICLES link at the top of this page. It has great writeups on such things as timing belt procedures and nozzle swaps.

There is also a section of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS that should be looked at.

Now here are some of the How to's compiled by our members:

ENGINE related How To's:


How to change your injection pump - without changing the timing belt. By Rocketeer928

How to video: On car VE injection pump seal replacement video by runonbeer

How to re & re the starter motor for those who have the starter grind or hot start problem. (A4). By Wingnut

Intake Manifold Cleaning 101 - Common therapy for sluggish performance. By Snowball

Another intake manifold cleaning .pdf by DeafBug

My SRP (Stealth Race Pipe) 'How to': How I gutted an EGR to make a stealth race pipe. (A4) - By Wingnut

Front main oil seal re & re by HermTDI

Broken Engine Mount repair: How I fixed my broken engine mount (A4). By Wingnut

How to stiffen your dogbone mount for cheap By Wingnut

How to fix your anti shudder valve rod: In case you broke yours while cleaning your EGR. By Wingnut

How to fix your anti shudder valve nipple. In case you broke yours while cleaning your EGR. By mgwerks

Another anti shudder valve fix: by Wingnut

1$ Anti-Shudder Valve Arm Fix: by Yumanord

How to troubleshoot low power on an A3/B4 ('96 - '97 Passat, '97 - '99 old body style Jetta): By GoFaster

ALH Turbo removal .pdf by TDI Innovations

TDI ALH Turbo Removal HOW TO written by Speedster.

VNT Repair - Clean soot and rust for proper movement. By Drivebiwire

New engine break-in method: By Drivebiwire

New engine break-in method: By LanduytG

Frequently Asked Torque Values: by Runonbeer & others

Snow screen removal for the Beetle By JackBak

KK's CCV Mod by Kayakkermit (PDF done by Cevans)

CCV Mod: One of many ways to reduce intake clogging (A4)

CCV Mod 2.0: My new system (still testing) (discontinued due to clogged paper filter element)

CCV Mod Ver 3.0: This one I hope will not plug up

Installing the Mann ProVent CCV Filter (3.8 megabyte PDF version available here.). by Jddaigle

Hard Starting When Engine is Cold: by Drivebiwire

Fix Stripped Glow Plug Threads by Franko6

How to replace serpentine belt on a BEW: by Ksf


DIY: How to fix air blend door MK4 TDI no cabin heat problem by Shizzell

How To video clips Includes fuel & air filter changes, snow screen cleaning, etc. By CinciTDI & friends (MoGolf, RichC, Tim
Hunter, Eric Rothweiler, Paramedick, etc.)

Replacing fuel temperature sensor: by McBrew


LM Diesel Purge - PD Engine Procedure (PDF) by SUNRG

Another diesel purge pictoral by Russell Parr

Inline fuel filter (Auxilliary): for running biodiesel. by Bill Blazek

Stanadyne 5-micron Fuel Filter Upgrade by SUNRG

Alternate CAT fuel filter T holder by Paramedick

Traditional method Oil Change instructions. by DeafBug

Hammer mod info

Hammer Mod (with pics & CAKE!) by NB_TDi

IP Upper seal replacement how to: By cerickson

Coolant change procedure: by Runonbeer

Diagnose an overheating car: By Herm TDI

How to bleed/prime your fuel system by whitedog

BEW coolant temperature sensor replacement: by Ksf

2004+ PD in-tank fuel pump replacement procedure (PDF) by Gretta_the_Jetta

How To: Manually activate coolant glowplugs on ALH engines by robnitro

How To: Heater core replacement on 2012+ NMS Passat by 767wrench


MKIV ignition switch re & re. by Tom

A4 radiator fan re & re: by Joester

Maf 101: Credits to: bam_ban_dip, bhtooefr, cage, whitedog, paramedik, dieseldorf, & compu_85

Glow plugs 101: How to test the glow plug system - by Wingnut

Glow plugs 101 Ver. 2.0: A newer, revised version of the original with better pictures - by Wingnut (PDF version)

Possible Glow Plug Harness Cure: Products to treat your GP harness - by Wingnut

How to extend the glow time with Vag-com: One way to assist with cold starting (check timing first)

Alternator Re & Re How to: How to remove & replace your alternator. (A4) - by Wingnut

Alternator Pulley Re & Re How To: How to remove the pulley from the alternator. By Paramedick

Replacing alternator brushes / regulator on car by dremd

Voltage regulator Re & Re (a3/B4) by HermTDI

Battery maintenenceby HermTDI

#3 Injector Plug Swap: For anyone who has purchased Injectors from Marc (RedRotors). By Wingnut

Relay 109 info: How to replace the relay 109. By Turbo Steve

How to Re & Re an A4 ECM Courtesy of APR.

Cage Mod - Dielectric grease in MAF connector - Cage Mod Revisited

Evry Mod - Inexpensive performance enhancement. By Evry


Front wheel bearing replacement by scurvy

Front Brake Replacement: How to remove & replace the front brake pads & rotors (A4) by Wingnut

Rear Brake How To: Rear brake replacement procedure. by Cosmic.

Motive Brake Bleedeng Procedure also done by Cosmic.

Power Brake Booster Removal:

Parking brake cable replacement, step by step: by dqa

A4 Brake switch replacement: How to swap out the brake light switch. By Snowman.

Brake light switch repair: How to repair a bad switch. By Je

Sway bar bushing replacement: How to replace your swaybar bushings. (A4). By Wingnut

Lower control arm bushing replacemet (A4) by Wingnut

A4 Ball joint replacement: by Moo Car

Do it yourself rear axle beam bushing replacement. as posted on VW Vortex.

Transmission swap how to - Auto -> 5spd/6spd by Boertje

5th gear swap by David 594

VR6 axle swap: How to swap the TDI axles for more robust VR6 axles (A4). By Wingnut

Rear axle bearing Re & Re: How to change your rear axle bearing (A4). By Wingnut

Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Procedure: by DLV

Sway bar bushing replacement: How to replace your swaybar bushings. (A4). By Wingnut

Front strut mount replacement: How to replace your strut mounts without removing the struts. (A4). By Wingnut

Coilover install by Noah

How to make a short shifter. My homemade short shifter. (A4). By Wingnut

Automatic Transmission Fluid Change: by Drivebiwire

Automatic Transmission Line Pressure Mod: by Kerma


What's that loose spring under your seat? (mk4 seat spring fix): By fnjimmy!

How to fix a stiff trunk lid: By Ramman4x4

Wiper linkage RE & RE How to remove, relube & replace the wiper linkage by Wingnut

Flakey Turn signal fix How to re & re the turn signal stalk to fix the annoying signal click by Varkias

A3 boost guage instalation by Juli0s

Disable day-time running lights (DRLs) for A4s. By Burningmoney97

Heater switch lightbulb replacement: How to replace the light bulb behind your heater switch. (A4). By Wingnut

How to change the color of your cruise & flasher LED's by jpdeuce

How to instal extra trunk lighting by Ausgezeichnet TDi

How to change your HVAC control bulb: This ones for the A3/B4 cars. By Rammstein

How to remove the light switch in a B4 By Rammstein

How to disable the DRL By Rammstein

How to make your rear fog lights work on your B4 OEM style By Rammstein

Hot windsheild washer fluid: How to add a heated windsheild washer. By MoGolf

Autodimming mirror/rain sensor: How to add autodimmin/rainsensor mirror by MoGolf

How to fix broken rear w/w sprayer: By Hamsterdiesel

Aluminum Skid Plate Install by Nelly2400

Engine Cover Mod: Homemade wingnuts

Engine Washing: By Herm TDI

Cabin Filter Replacement

Polishing headlights. By Yetta0

How to repair a Jettawagon cargo cover: by Ksf

Ventectomy - Safely increase fuel tank capacity [Pictures] By Frank M & others

$3 door switch fix: by vwsandman

Remote Keyfob battery replacement for A4: by Schnabba

How to fix rotted antenna base by Louis TDI

Extending the range of your remote (VWVortex thread)
Extending the range of your remote (instructions in an MS Word file)
Extending the range of your remote (PDF format, large, 4 pages)
Extending the range of your remote (PDF format, small, 2 pages)

VW Technical Service Bulletin for Extending the range of your remote

How To Add AC to Your Glove Box (A4): by pepper10

Cold Weather Fuel Sender Mod: by Karmann-diesel

How to clean your sunroof drains: by 1001100

Pierburg Connector Solutions: Varoius ways to modify your OEM connector to fit the Pierburg (A4)

How to troubleshoot flakey cruise control In case yours is like mine was and only worked when it wanted to.

How to post images in these forums-- a walk-through

http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=190549 A LONG list of acronyms and abbreviations used on the forums. Log onto the
picserver and open, file is in MS Word (.doc) format.

Other Forum How-To's

How to post pictures on TDIClub: by Fyrman

How to GOOGLE search the forums by phaser

Here are some more that I have in my favorites list:

Dubtuning: LOTS more GREAT how to's here

GeWillis home page: Even MORE GREAT how to's.

Huge MKIV FAQ & DIY List From VWVortex.com

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Old December 31st, 2004, 06:07   #2
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Default HOW TO's

Penclnck's 4130 Products 'Step By Step' Many great tips!

Maintenance Related things:

OldPoopie's Timing Belt Checklist

Car suddenly won't start? Check your Anti Shudder Valve!

Replaceing the headlight bulbs on a Jetta (bt EECSentric) (Link is now dead anyone have a better one? )

Snow Screen Cleaning (lowfi version)

Clutch Change HOW TO. With PDF! By DBW.

Serpentine belt change.

ALH VNT Actuator movement demonstration.

How to service AdBlue (diesel exhaust fluid) on a 2012-2015 Passat TDI.

How to replace AdBlue module (heater, temp sensors, etc.) by docmanny

Electrical Related things:

Turn off your airbags selectively with VAG-COM

Benlty's List of DTC Fault codes

Can't get your automatic out of park? Brake switch workaround!

How to bleed the ABS pump after the brake fluid runs dry. By Birdman

List of fuses in the A4 Includes a list of what fuses are hot when.

Immoblizer acting up, but you have the SKC? Input it in the odometer! by MOGolf

Modification related things:

Connecting the rear fog and 5 light mod (on the A4 Jetta Sedan)

Just the 5 brake light mod PDF Version

5 Light mod on the Jetta Waggon (By EECSentric)

5 light mod w/ the turn signals. by Left Coast Resident

David_594's List of OEM+ mods.

Other Useful Threads

Gearbox Ratios.

2018 Tesla Model 3 DM. 50,000 miles.
2014 Cadillac ELR. 38,000 miles.
2013 Fiat 500e. 32,000 miles.
1991 Mercedes 350SDL 230,000 miles, 70,000 on engine. 18/27 MPG.
99.5 Jetta "GLX" TDI. 323,000 miles. Power Memory Seats, HIDs 11mm pump, BV39 Turbo, RCIII 36/47 MPG. Sold to JDSwann's Brother.
2012 Passat SE TDI DSG. 114,000 miles. LED tails, Memory Seat, HIDs. Bought back by VW.
2004 Touareg V10 TDI. 165,000 miles. Sold to Matt98AHU w/ flat camshafts.
1988 Audi 5000S Quattro, 1992 Jetta ECOdiesel, 1991 Jetta ECOdiesel.
Thank you for giving me the BUG*PWR award. It means a lot to me!

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Originally Posted by BRUSSELS BELGIAN View Post
Maybe I should pay MYSELF to do bad work on my car!

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Old August 18th, 2005, 18:17   #3
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Reserved for future links.

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Old December 27th, 2005, 14:48   #4
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Default Clockspring R&R

Clockspring mysteries unwound.
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Old January 19th, 2006, 06:51   #5
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Early 1999 cars have a different n75 and n18 connector. Here's a link for part numbers to change the connectors to the later style to be able to buy the less expensive units.
Pacific Northwest TRUSTED TDIClub mechanic

Email me, justgrow@gmail.com
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Old March 25th, 2006, 04:14   #6
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How to replace your leaky A3/B4 Bosch VE Injector pump seals with pictures.

You should also include learning the Hammer mod for adjusting your Quantity Adjuster on the injector pump.

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Default 04 center console writeup

Mike_M did a nice 04 center console writeup here:

2002 gls golf

Originally Posted by foxracer1 View Post
Wars are fought over religion, money, land, and brand of injectors for a TDI

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Default Dieselgeek Panzerplate skid plate video

Compliments of the folks from CinciTDI club and Dieselgeek. Starring yours truly! You need Apple quicktime 7 or newer to run this. Kudos to RichC for the excellent video work and editing.


Apple quicktime installer link

Selected TDI Repair Services available. No greasecars, please.
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A4 Ventectomy with write up and Gwillies photos
Coolant temperature sensor replacement - a fix for faulty temperature display readings

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Old August 14th, 2006, 14:32   #10
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Default A3/B4 Timing Procedure

Posts by myself and HermTDI detailing the procedure.
Selected TDI Repair Services available. No greasecars, please.
To contact me: E mail = quick answer via iPhone. Click on username for E mail address. PMs are turned off!!!
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Old September 4th, 2006, 13:20   #11
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Default City lights as drls pdf how to

Just made a nice easy .pdf for a nice easy mod. ideal time to do it is during a joey mod but it can be done anytime you have enough time to pull your headlights off the car.
2000 Golf GL TDI >panzer plate, everything else doesn't matter.

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Old September 7th, 2006, 11:18   #12
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Default ABS Speed Sensor replacement

It was hard to find this when I needed it (and in the end, it wasn't enough, so I added to it.)

ABS Speed Sensor replacement (for when it glues itself in)
65mpg working on 100
in my 2004 PD Jetta
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Old September 10th, 2006, 12:54   #13
Moo Car
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Default Cruise control / Turn signal / Dimmer switch replacement

Cruise control / Turn signal / Headlight high beam switch replacement.

This could also be good for the windshield wiper switch replacement.

2000 Jetta Auto

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Old September 29th, 2006, 09:42   #14
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Default how to buy a TDI / buyers guide / buying guide / buyer guide


I made the title long to include as many search keywords as possible.
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Old November 15th, 2006, 06:14   #15
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Cool check it out

Originally Posted by 3800rpmDiesel
anyway i looked all through this thread and only saw a video option at top of thread, and a filter upgrade thread - i want to stay stock....
This is the video you want!

It's one of the masters (MoGolf) taking you through an OEM fuel filter replacement.
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