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    She's been a good car but at 145,000 miles I'm anticipating a few thousand dollars in necessary maintenance soon. Dual mass flywheel has rattles. Brakes almost gone. Possible heater core issue. I will miss the car but to keep her does not make much financial sense to me. Check please.
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    my car is doing alot of regens lately

    I doubt your dpf needs replacing at 110k. Its probably just the luck of the draw on when you got to your destination vs regen. I have a scanguage that tells me when my passat is in a regen by way of exhaust gas temperatures. Sometimes I'll be in a regen when getting home/work twice in a week...
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    High aluminum in oil analysis

    It should drop back down. I had same issue with higher metals around 20k. Keep calm and drive on.
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    Total QUARTZ INEO LL 5W-30 made by ELF

    TBN of 3.2 at 11,000 miles. Looks like I could go to 15K no problem.
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    Total QUARTZ INEO LL 5W-30 made by ELF

    Total Quartz Ineo Long Life 5w-30 No complaints here.
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    Improving the trunk light

    This is a waste of time and money. Location is the difference. best you can do for the money is get this GET THE CONNECTOR HOUSING. wire it're golden. simple. Lots of posts on it.
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    Real World MPG with DSG

    Sell the car and shut up. Or quit pretending you're in a fighter jet and drive the car like a person that doesn't have only one day to live. Relax. I drive 3.5 hours a day. More than half is bumper to bumper traffic. So tired of the negativity on this board. Its a decent car. Not perfect. I...
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    Words you Never want to hear

    I'm guessing you never took it in for the recall installation of the Mis-fuel preventer. That sucks man. Maybe VW will cut you some slack. Just play dumb and tell them you have no idea what's wrong with it.
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    Does filtering improve poor US diesel?

    All you need is 1% - 2% biodiesel for optimum lubricity. Here is a good report all about biodiesel lubricity.
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    My 10k service coming up on Monday

    How would you know? Seriously.They take YOUR car off to another building and say these things have been done. Check out Munks in Waterford. They actually let you watch. tint is way cooler. :)
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    2 stroke oil in your diesel = smiles?

    Wow a whole 20k? :rolleyes: Just use powerservice if youre concerned. Your DPF is gonna take $hit on ya.
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    First First First

    Break-in Procedure: Beat the Piss out of it and dont change the oil for 10,000 miles. :D
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    How many miles on your original turbo? (The anti-failure thread)

    I do this. I'll never shut down over 450 and I let it idle in the drive for 10-15 minutes rather than shut it down with the egt's at 1100+. It sucks when I have to get into the office car just decided to go into a regen...
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    High aluminum in oil analysis

    this would be a good thread to document wear metal trends in the CKRA. i just did my 40k this morning and was going to get a sample but i couldnt find my blackstone sample jars.