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    Trusted TDI Mechanic Near SC PA?

    Dennis is a great standup guy. Did excellent work on my B5.
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    April fools day thread

    I got a kick of out this one from our ex VW mechanic.
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    New to PA

    There are some around, I'm a couple hours south of you in Breezewood.
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    Extream Cold Start & Running observations, Add your comments!

    Quote: Originally Posted by What to Do - Frozen IC happened to me! If the car won't start after one attempt, or stumbles and dies after an initial attempt, ***STOP!*** You have some decision making to do... Further attempts to start the...
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    Turbo cost dealer replacement?

    I want to say dealer price on mine was around $4,500. Besides the turbo they dig into oil lines and oil pump as I remember. As I remember they get pretty through about replacing anything that might have gotten some debris in it.
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    FTC Warns Owners To Slow Down, VW goofed on some emission fixes

    Ahhh now this makes sense as to why my Passat kept throwing codes and they couldn't fix it. Oh well, I like my Kerma fix better.
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    Hesitation on Acceleration

    I believe others have called it a stumble. I have not noticed it very much on mine but from what I've read in the section specifically for our Passats it is the reprogramming. The new program places an emphasis on warming the engine and exhaust...
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    I'm guessing you are missing the owners manual as well, the procedure is documented in there if you have it. I have never had to have my car moving to reset. I also have never had the car running, in fact when I did try to reset mine with the car running it wouldn't reset. The following is...
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    Oil pump "lifetime" belt

    I have 230,000 miles on mine without any issue with the oil belt.
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    Resetting tire pressure warning

    Since you cleared all your codes and these came back I don't believe it is a coding issue and more a problem with the tire pressure warning system. I think your only solution will be to take it to the dealer and have them fix the TPS module.
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    Recommend a dealer in MD for emissions fix

    I use them all the time. They are very professional and always upfront with me.
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    DSG in the snow?

    I found I like to drive mine in Tip/Manual mode. You can up/down shift as needed to pick the gear you want. I found mine worked very well this way.
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    Resetting tire pressure warning

    Been there done this - it won't work. The power needs to be on but the ENGINE OFF.
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    DSG DIY tune install

    For the Kerma tune No. You read the transmission then send that file to Kerma and they e-mail you back the tune. You only need to access the transmission connector to read the file, the tune is loaded via the OBD connector. With Kerma the $399 is just the tune. There is a $1,000 deposit...