TDIFest 2012 Sponsors

VW Derf

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Jul 3, 1996
Richmond, BC, Canada
2010 Blue Graphite Pearl Golf Variant
I wish to give a special thanks to all the staff and volunteers at this years TDIFest along with the sponsors below. Without these sponsors we would not have been able to raise funds to keep TDIFest running ad free:

Premium Supporters and Sponsors
  • Frank’s VW TDI, LLC

Supporters and Sponsors
  • Gerwazy
  • PeterV and Hamster Diesel*
  • R90SKirk
  • TDI Repair Services (paramedick)*
  • Tomo366
  • Vancity

* Vendors with asterisk beside their names have been donating to TDIFest continously for five years or more. Thank you for your continued support.
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