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    Crank but no start - Sorta Resolved, but interested in further opinions

    I would have thought the same thing, but nope. It ran. It was definitely in limp mode, but it ran. I checked the power to the N109 with my wife cranking it. Never had a bit of voltage. Worked immediately when power was applied. BTW, after originally reporting that the gremlin had gone...
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    My 00 Beetle crank but no start

    It's probably your Relay 109. Quick check, run a jumper wire from the positive battery terminal to the Fuel Shutoff Valve on the injection pump. If the car starts and runs, replace your Relay 109, it has finally died. I had the exact same symptoms as you this past week. Got a replacement...
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    Crank but no start - Sorta Resolved, but interested in further opinions

    Yep, Relay 109 appears to have solved the problem. I still had the old whitish one in mine. Honestly for a 12 year old car, that's not a bad lifespan for a part known to have problems. Out of this little incident, I have discovered that if you're really stuck and Relay 109 is down, you can use...
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    Crank but no start - Sorta Resolved, but interested in further opinions

    Been a while since I posted here on the forums, but need to ask a few questions. On Sunday, I drove about 8 minutes up to the local Jimmy John's to get lunch for the family. Car was running completely fine. When I came back out, I go to take off, and find that the car cranks, but will not...
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    Timing Belt Broke - Now what?

    Price Fixing n.A method in which businesses who are in competition with each other set up a strategy to fix up prices of particular commodities to avoid price competition.It is a criminal act according to federal laws as it encourages unfair competition and the public is deprived of reasonbale...
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    Manual Transmission Fluid Change

    Thanks so much for weighing in wrenchman... :rolleyes: Official quantity spec is 2.1 liters. Likely you'll only need 2 as you probably won't get that last .1 out when you drain. VW stuff is from germany (Pentoisin maybe?) and is slightly thicker than most 75w90 gear oils. It costs about...
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    Very Serious Power Loss

    Timing belt replaced 60K Miles or Kilometers ago? The life span of an A3 belt is 60K Miles, so your due for another if you use the English measuring system. No mention of an intake cleaning. If you don't know, the intake can get extremely clogged and could be heavily restricting the amount...
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    wrong transmission dealer won't help

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    wrong transmission dealer won't help

    First, typing in all caps on the internet is considered shouting. Please stop doing that. Second, 19 PAGES! Who would read 19 pages, and why. Your problem can be summed up in a paragraph. "I have a reported history with poor mileage with my VW including many visits to the dealer to...
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    A3 Stock Clutch torque strength?

    LOTS! It came stock with the vr6/G60 Clutch/Flywheel setup that most of the A4 guys switch to when increasing power. You should handle a chip and injectors without a problem.
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    newbie and timing belts

    Many that's the understatement of the year... :D A big concern with veggie use in the TDI is fouling of the injection pump and/or injectors. I'm not gonna step in the arguments that often go on here, but the big question I would ask of the original owners is what type of veggie oil did they...
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    I don't know what this does

    Hey BriGuy. Another St. Louisan here. I looked at your other posts and it sounds like your car may have come from a land of ice and snow, with a block heater and a wheel well torn up by snowpack. I usually garage mine, but there are times when the garage becomes too full to pull it in. I've...
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    Major maintenance planned--need input

    Irish, I'm sorry, sorry, sorry if it sounds like we're beating up on you. I for one was not trying to do so. I tend to vent when I read stories like yours where it really seems the dealer took as much advantage as possible in a dire situation for you. We're glad you came back, you're...
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    Help! Stranded in Colorado! Major issue!

    Much as I hate to say it, if you're under warranty, this is something that should be taken care of by the dealer. You said there was a huge puff of smoke when you stopped, but did you notice a big 'ol cloud before that? If you drained the sump, you should have been smoking pretty good for a...
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    '98 AHU Limp Mode Help

    Power Blaster, aka PB. Great stuff and available at most auto parts chains. Just be sure that if you get it freed up using a penetrant of some sort that you follow up with a lubricant before delaring yourself done. Lots of penetrants, like WD40 are hydrophillic so while they'll free you up...