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  • Hello, I was trying to post a photo, it must be simple but maybe I am more simple because I could not figure out how and I tried to add a link from my Google Photos and that failed too. What is the trick? Thanks
    Michael Patrick
    I have my photo on my desktop and then drag & drop the photo into the post using the "insert image' menu item.
    Thanks, I thought I tried and got an error. I certainly did when I used the URL thing, put a URL from Amason and from Google photos, the system bloody hated that and seemed to freak out.
    I am just wondering if I might post something to see if there is enough interest in a possible class action lawsuit against VW for TDI owners because of recurring failures of DPFs and the cost of repairs. Might I post something on TDIclub, and if so, where would you suggest I Might post something?
    Hello. I'm trying to insert an image, but keep getting the message "something went wrong. ...contact administrator..." when I provide an https link from an image hosting site.

    Can we not drag & drop images?

    Thanks. Tim
    Ignore this request. It worked when trying later.
    Which TDI discussion area do I go to as don't see a listing for an 04 Jetta TDI?
    Here you go.

    Health reasons no wrenching. At 95k 2006 BRM. I live in Okeechobee FL. Shops arrogant, Use a 65 dollar kit and charge 325 dollars. Refuse to use a premium kit, offered to pay extra. They will not tell me what pump they will use, will not replace bolts etc. Near Port St Lucie, Vero Beach, Stewart. Do you know of any one in this part of Florida I can trust to do this job. It could be a member or a business,
    Hi Sorry to trouble you but it seems that my location is showing my password for some reson
    Any chance of sorting it as I can't seem to change it
    Many Thanks
    Hi Please ignore the last message
    Now able to change details
    I had them open in another window so couldn't change
    Howdy, in the classifieds section y'all warn of dire consequences of posting an ad without pix. Seems the new forum format makes that slightly difficult and there are several ads without pix...I would offer that having a rule that is not enforced is not good practice. Not sure what y'all would do about it, but hoping there is something.

    Douglas Piccard
    Do you have info about where a thread was first placed and then was moved to if found to be in the wrong category?
    ...in particular I wonder about this thread:
    See post #29
    I could be wrong, of course, but would you know for certain if this thread originated in TDI101 a year+ ago?
    I am near certain that I would have at least put it in the vendor classifieds to be seen there....but then again sometimes I don't know where I left my keys. :giggle:

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