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    Phoenix area TDI owners, post if you're still here

    My son lives on the West side, between Buckeye and Litchfield park. He does his own oil changes and basic routines. At some point he will need to do a DSG service. That can be a tricky DIY without a lift to keep the car level or with one person. The last time he had a DSG service done was at the...
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    Here you go. :)

    Here you go. :)
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    Leaking Oil Cooler Housing and an Interesting Find Inside

    That sludge is definitely cooked coolant. The flakes are silicates that precipitated out of solution due to high heat, and the sludge is glycerin, yes I said glycerin, that got cooked out of the coolant. One of VW's well intentioned ideas about coolant was to make it more friendly to the...
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    2015 Passat 2.0 TDi AdBlue+fuel line Removal

    There is a TSB about the DEF/AdBlue line cracking and leaking just before the injector. I had my DEF line and injector replaced under warranty.
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    SUMMERFEST 2020 IS CANCELLED. NAIAS has been cancelled.

    And NAIAS 2021 has also been cancelled. I guess we will try to regroup for 2022.
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    it'll get sorted out. We're not going to change the rules just yet.

    it'll get sorted out. We're not going to change the rules just yet.
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    Buying a 2015 Passat after its sat for several years

    I sold my 2014 Passat 6mt back to VW because it had no fix. I took the money and bought my 2015 Passat mt which has a fix and extended warranty on the engine and emission systems. I'm amazed a 2015 Passat 6mt is still available. That car is a unicorn. The demand for any VW TDI with a manual...
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    TDI fans help doom diesel car in US

    Troll alert. Post at your own risk. :unsure::rolleyes:
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    Manual gearbox oil change

    Back in my B4 days I changed the gear lube every 100k miles. Times were simpler back then. G50, a full synthetic 75W-90 was all one needed. I never did chang the gear lube in my 2014. It had 108k miles on it when I sold it back to VW. I don't know much about the G52 gear lubes except that those...
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    Mk TDI Wagon Roll Coal

    Agreed. :cautious:
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    Battery Replacement for 2015 - VCDS or NO?

    Varta and Interstate are both owned by Johnson Controls so that does make sense. :unsure:
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    Another heater core?

    On my 2014 Passat SE I had two heater cores replaced under warranty. The third heater core was starting to plug up when I sold the car back to VW in Jan of 2018. No Problem with the heater core yet on my 2015. :confused:
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    Battery Replacement for 2015 - VCDS or NO?

    To reinforce what Fixmy59bug said, no battery module in the NMS Passat. All you lose is the trip odo and the clock setting. My battery saga. :)
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    How good are the 2013 18" Passat wheels?

    It's not just a VW thing. ALL 18", 19", & 20" wheels are at high risk of bending the bead. Shorter the sidewall the higher the risk. I too switched to 16" wheels from a base Passat S model. I picked up some nice 16" alloys for a Wolfsburg Passat for summer and steel wheels for winter. High...
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    Upgraded TDIClub forums

    Maybe. Dark Reader has a developer menu for those who know how to code. Way over my pay grade. :)