What Problems Are You Having with Your Buyback Cars?


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Jan 13, 2021
2015 Golf Sportwagen
2015 Golf Sportwagen with 34K. Manual trans, S trim. Long list of problems. Worst is likely damage to wiring by rodents. Interior lights do not work and the radio is locked (muted) by "Component Protection is Active." VW dealer wants to peel off the dash and investigate at 120/hr. Oil had not been changed, floor mats, cargo cover, skid plate stripped out, washer nozzles clogged, A/c probably doesn't work (hard to tell as it's cold here), Wheels are from an older Jetta with bad tires. Runs, drives well. Have changed oil/filter and fuel filter, new aluminum skid plate, found the cargo cover on Ebay for $167 shipped, new Continental tires, new tdi mats. VAG denies all responsibility for storage problems and for selling the car at auction in this condition saying dealers can do what they want. Going to need some sort of warrantee on the non-engine/exhaust stuff covered by VW.
Update: Turns out the washer nozzles were disconnected from the fluid feed tubes. 5 min. fix. Nest above infotainment module in glove box cleaned out and all wiring is undamaged (took VW dealer 3 hours to figure out non-original module was the cause of the CP code) . Interior lights not working because someone pulled out all the bulbs! Info module not original to the car so that explains the Component Protection code. Dealer installing new module. New OEM monster mats and original manual found on Ebay. When I get the car back will be flushing the brake fluid and it will finally be what I thought I was buying, a just serviced, no issues tdi GSW manual 6-speed.
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Jul 22, 2020
Georgetown, TX
2014 Jetta
Pre-fix on my '11, they were happening once, sometimes twice a tank. About 400-500 miles. Post-fix with this '13, they're averaging 190-260 since I got the new DPF. I think mine might've been doomed by the original owner. 4 years and 25,000 miles. Just wasn't driven enough to burn it out and all the regens were probably cut short.

Your mileage is about right to fairly good if you have a DSG and driving city-ish. My worst tank was 39.5ish and best around 44. That's 70% rural roads, cautious driving, and a lot of coasting in neutral. I could easily see hitting mid-30s in a small city.

Cold weather will affect MPG, too. I see about a consistent 2-3MPG drop during these mid-30s cold spells here in FL.
Thank you for the information. I have finally been able to take the Jetta on a couple of 1200 mile trips and the regens have been corrected. During the trip, they were around 280 miles or more. So far the longer drives helped it out quite a bit.

Overall the car has done pretty well. I have constant problems though with the radio and the rearview camera. I am looking at possibly replacing the radio with an aftermarket model but getting one that is compatible with the fender system and with a rearview camera can be a bit expensive. This item should be covered by the CPO warranty so that might be an avenue for me.



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Aug 16, 2004
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Keep in mind that these cars were stored, moved around some, and not driven enough distance to generate a regen, sometimes for years. They need to catch up. So your experience isn't surprising.