Test transmission?


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May 13, 2001
2014 Audi A6 TDI, 2014 Touareg TDI
While driving last monday morning my tranny decided to go into limp mode and CEL came on. Then car suddenly stalled:eek: Started back up but remained in 3rd gear. I was in TIP mode when it happend and have read somewhere about sensors failing:confused:
Car has 220000 KMS, fluid and filter replaced at 200000 KMS. (by me) Not sure prior to that if anything done. Previous owner stated dealer serviced car by the book. As we all know manual says no maintenance required on tranny. Purchased car with 190000 KMS a year ago. Fluid level is good, no visible leaks. TCM and all connectors dry.

Codes are:
17114 Incorrect Gear Ratio, PO730-003
17195 Excessive Clutch Slippage, PO811-003

Does anyone know the specific procedure in Vag-Com to test the solenoids? I cannot seem to find it anywhere even on Ross Techs site?

My original post is here: http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=239430

So far being told either Torque Converter, Clutch packs, or Solenoids failing:confused: