Recent Dealer ECM Update Recall


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Dec 29, 2005
Houston, TX
2010 JSW
I was called in by dealer for a recall a couple of weeks ago.
When asked exactly what that's about the dealer's answer was a computer program update, which affects fuel economy. But he declined to give more information whether it's related to the scandal.
From the final invoice it only says: "Parts: 87307 Performed 2306 ECM software update"
During Thanksgiving we had a road trip (~700miles), a cold front hit Texas and it was all raining and chilly (40-50F) the car did for the first time in the low 40s under most highway driving. Normally it should be able to get around 50.
I know my car will do poorly when it's cold or wet but it was the first time it got so low.
For the other drivings I didn't notice any change in fuel economy.

Here I just wonder, have you all have this recall serviced? What was your experience?



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Sep 24, 2015
Kamloops BC Canada
2013 Jetta returned
If you search 23O6 there's been a ton of discussion. Some people have reported a drop in mpg. Popular opinion is that this update was an attempt by VW for a quick fix to their emissions problem. I have not had it done and won't.