Pre-Fest Tee shirt orders


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Jul 30, 2002
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Ok, I've ironed out how this is going to work!

You need to fill out a registration form as if you were going to the Fest. Mark the order form with what you want as far as tee shirts. In the comments section explain that this is a tee shirt order only, and give me your full address. As long as the order is placed before the tee shirt order goes in (8/1), the pre-fest prices apply.

Orders placed after 8/1 will be filled after the Fest with leftover shirts on a first come, first served basis with regards to the sizes. Post Fest pricing will be $18 per shirt, the same as if purchasing on site at the Fest.

Shipping will be $5 up to a pound. What I'll do is once I receive your order, I will verify the weight (approximate) and let you know the shipping charge. Then you can either send me a check or Paypal for the full amount of tee shirts plus shipping.

If all goes well, I'll be able to ship out your tees the week before the Fest!

Here's a link to the tee shirt design:

And a link to the pin:

**I'm going to have to reserve the pins for purchase until after the Fest, as they are a limited item.
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