My Stage 4 '00 Beetle TDI w/ FMIC & PD130 Intake


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Jun 2, 2010
Princeton, TX
2000 New Beetle
I've been doing a lot of looking at different Front Mount Intercooler setups for my beetle and they all had a cross-over to go from driver side back to the stock piping. That much extra piping seems unnecessary so I set out to do something... different.

Here's my specs to start:
2000 Beetle

- Custom Stage 4 Malone Tune
- Maf-less tune @ 24 psi
- VNT17vb
- 5 Speed Swap
- Port-n-Polished Head
- 11mm Injection Pump
- Race 520 nozzles
- Cat, EGR, and Muffler Delete
- Side Pipe Exhaust
- Front Mount Intercooler
- PD130 Intake (Not PD150)
- Custom TIP (I call it the B.U.I, aka... Butt Ugly Intake)
- BoostValve

Exterior / Suspension:
- H&R Sport Springs
- Bilstein Shocks and Struts
- TT Bushings
- Dodge SRT4 17" Rims

- GTI Recaro Seats
- Black leather rear seats
- GTI 3-spoke Steering Wheel
- JBL 6 channel amp
- Kicker door speakers
- Kicker "Trunk-saver" Sub in a truck box
- Glowshift EGT, Boost, and Oil Temp Gauge
- MCA's Long EGT Probe

The mods are pretty common among TDI'ers but I don't see too many Beetles running around with a Front Mount Intercooler.

I had to relocate the battery to the trunk with 0 gauge wire. Used 250 amp fuses to keep it from burning down the car.

The TIP is special. I hope to God that no one else has to make it but I'd like to coin the mod....
BUI.... Butt Ugly Intake
One of those things you make up from spare parts, a late night trip to O'Reilly Auto Parts and some desperation at 2am.

The lag is minimal considering the amount of extra piping the turbo has to fill. My EGT's drop much quicker than the stock intercooler. Not really much power gain but it looks cool. And I can make hard pulls closer together without as much head soak.

It's 2" ebay aluminum piping and silicone connectors.
The BUI 2.5" ebay silicone pipe.
All the t-clamps are ebay-tastic as well.
The intercooler may look ugly but it works :)

Anyway... here are some pictures.


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Oct 5, 2007
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Any problems with the Steering wheel install? I'm getting sick of mine and want wither a 3 spoke or a flatter one without an airbag.

Can you give me a link to the intercooler?

Would it be worth it to get a thinner one to fit behind the plastic grille? Is there any way to make yours fit or would you be cutting into the bumper rail?