My 2002 New Beetle


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Aug 5, 2014
Wasaga Beach, Ontario
2002 New Beetle ALH 01M
Hello All!
I have posted a few times off and on have been a lurker for bit. I am a big fan of Volkswagens in general, and my favourites are MKIV & MKV. I have a soft spot for New Beetles, and would love to one day pick up a 2012-present Beetle. or maybe even a Touareg. Those days are a long way away but it doesn't hurt to dream, right? I am a young TDI owner at 20 years old but my love and dedication is equally as strong!
My New Beetle is a 2002, ALH, GLS with (I think) every option aside from the 6cd changer, which would be nice but oh well. It is cursed with the 01M, but it still performs fairly well and I plan on changing the fluid and filter at 80k km. (its already a bit slow into Drive and has a 2-3 flare on cold starts... but apparently that's normal?)I bought the car in June 2014 from Orillia VW in Orilia, Ontario. I previously had a 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg 1.8t, but that got totalled, giving me the oppurtunity to go car shopping.
The Beetle was owned by an old couple in Brechin, ON and was used as a strictly summer vehicle, and was hardly driven. Garage kept. When I found the car traded in and for sale at Orillia VW, it had 30,900 original km on it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the ad. I test drove the same day and had it in my driveway within the week.
I now use it to commute 40min per day to Barrie ON from Wasaga Beach for college and I take immaculate care of it. 16k oil changes (km) with Rotella T6 and I keep up on the original maintenence schedule. It is washed interior and exterior alternating weeks. And the timing belt has been done. This car is my baby, my best friend and my lifeline!!
I finally got around to posting some pictures because I love to see what other members are driving and how their vehicles are special to them and what modifications they have done. I, personally, do not modify my cars unless it looks OEM and has a strict purpose. I have no modifications as of yet. I drive spiritedly but absolutely not rough or harsh. (proper warm up and cool down times are heeded but not exceeded)
One year and 3 months later, it now has 77,000km on it and is climbing at the rate of roughly 3000km monthly. I am hoping to keep it for quite a while, and a 5 speed swap is in order when the 01M gives up the ghost, or if the funds show up beforehand.
I would love to see what people think of my ride, as I love looking at everyone else's cars! Tell me stories! Share what you think, both good and bad. I would enjoy hearing what comes across the minds of others. Here are some pictures. >