MK5 Golf Alternator Exciter


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Oct 26, 2020
Mk5 Golf TDI
Hi All,

New to the Forum but not new to VAG.

Recently bought a MK5 Golf 1.9TDi which is great everything is working apart from Aircon and the battery light doesn't come on with ignition on (car not started)

Never really minded this at first as the Alternator was charging the battery absoluetly fine.

It did come to my attention though that with a multimeter i checked out battery voltage after cranking the car and it came in at 12.5 volts (when it should be 14+) so i then gave the car a blip of throttle and then it started charging which i thought was strange.

I have heard about the exciter wire etc and i have found a (blue and brown cable) and (yellow and brown cable) which were snapped. I tried connecting them back up but still nothing changed.

Any ideas?