Glow Plug Part #'s for A3 - EKTA Help!


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Oct 16, 2001
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Glow Plug Part #\'s for A3 - EKTA Help!

Well, this is specifically for an A3 '98 Jetta AHU engine. I've got a glow plug CEL that I'm trying to track down. There is so much conficting information out there, particularly for A3, I'm going to try and get some specific part numbers from you EKTA guys for the A3.

First, I understand that the Horseshoe fuse in the engine compartment is for the coolant glow plugs.

There is a second fuse for the engine glow plugs located on the in car fuse box. Where is it? Any diagrams would be helpful.

Second, I understand that the engine glow plug relay is located on the in-car relay panel as well. I believe it's Relay 180 in location 10. Can I get a confirmation and a part number for this relay?

Finally, what is the part number for the glow plug harness for the A3. I have 028 971 766 for the harness in the A4. Is it the same part number for the A3?

Thanks in advance.