Emissions workshop light P2112


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Jun 21, 2005
Columbia City, OR
2010 Jetta, White, DSG
I have a 2005.5 Jetta TDI Pkg 1 with 51K ( ya just out of warranty) Last week I had the emissions workshop light come on while running down the highway. The car ran fine so I pulled the ground off the battery and let it sit for a while and reconnected to clear the codes. I did this so I could see if it was a hard fault or just a fluke.

Today and 600 miles later the light came on. I had one of my customers pull and clear the code. The code is a P2112 Throttle Actuator Stuck Closed. Then the code came back not much later, so I guess there is something wrong that I better fix.

Any idea where I should start? Where is the throttle actuator? My repair info is lacking on VW.


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Sep 13, 2005
Round Rock, Texas
2015 Beetle tdi dsg
Bentley says to check the wiring/connections for the intake flap motor. If none of these are bad replace the motor. Bolts to the intake inlet if I read the picture correctly. Some procedures are listed but I can't print them. Time to buy the manual. :)

Seems pretty simple from reading it though.