Diesel news, from Europe


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Feb 24, 1999
You may want to take a quick read of the following link. Sort of confirms what we all have been enjoying for some time.

In particular I quote:

"Automotive Industry Data analyst Peter Schmidt said Volkswagen is leading the march for better diesel technology.

"VW anticipated changes before anyone else and it looks like continuing to stay ahead of the competition," Schmidt said.

According to Schmidt, VW has said that within four years its diesels will be indistinguishable from the equivalent petrol engines, including startup and running noise.

Schmidt speculates that this might be the time for the diesel to conquer America, where half the market is taken up by gas guzzling sport utility vehicles (SUV)."

Better line up and get your TDi now. If prices continue and the average shopper discovers what we know, they could be in short supply for some time.