Cheap oil pan protector


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May 18, 2000
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This winter is the first time that I have had concerns about the integrity of my oil pan. We have had a lot of ice so far and my belly pan has taken quite a few shots.
What I did was cut up an old 1/2" nylon cutting board and screwed it to the engine side of the belly pan under the oil pan. The oil pan area of the belly pan is void of the plastic waffle material, so I fitted it to this area. I think my oil pan will now take quite a shot before damage is done. I realize this doesn't compare with the protection of a skid plate, but it has to be an improvement- and my net cost was 0, since I used materials gathering dust in my garage.


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Mar 11, 2005
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Just be careful with a setup like this.

The material may be stout enough to withstand a hit, but if the overall size of the unit is smaller and something catches an edge, it could be ripped somepletely off and cause a bunch of other things to be damaged while it "vacates" it's posistion.

Without dimensions or pictures, thoguh, it's very hard to tell if this will even be a concern.