96 B4 Passat, Garden City, KS


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Dec 29, 2021
Garden City, KS
96 B4 Passat
Hello everyone, its finally time to sell my would be project. I love the car, and intended restoring it but I'm lacking the usual time, money, knowhow. I used it as a daily for about 6 months before parking it.

Not sure where to start, but here we go.

First off, the previous owner informed me that this car has been touched by Nice Guys TDI in Oregon/Washington? I do believe. I've seen them get a lot of hate around here. Take this as you will.

Mileage: 250k

The good:

- Drives and shifts smooth
- Fairly new tires, less than 10k on them
- Interior is in decent shape, I have all the missing plastics
- Timing, motor mounts and water pump done by SFD German Auto Service in Sioux Falls, SD less than 10k ago (have receipt)
- Heater and A/C both work well

The bad:

- The car has been sitting about 6 months, I havent tried firing it up in awhile but I'm confident it would after bleeding injectors. Buyer would likely need to trailer it home due to other issues discussed below.
- So I limped the car home after the alternator went out, charged the battery and fired it up to discover a harsh tick on the intake. Not sure if it's an oiling issue or? I have a replacement alternator, just need to throw it in.
- Injection pump is leaking pretty good, needs Y coolant pipe replaced, which I have.
- Leaking oil from a few places, Oil pan, turbo fitting
- Car has been repainted twice, once to light blue then back to original color. I'd give the paint a 2/10, the lift gate represents the quality of work well.. I have another lift gate that comes with the car.
- Needs battery aswell, I dropped the optima that was in it previously, felt like setting 200 bucks on fire.. :\
- Windshield has a pretty good rock chip in it.

That's all off the top of my head, I will update the post if anything else comes to mind. Feel free to ask any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

Looking to get 1000$ for her



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Jun 4, 2008
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GLWS....If I was closer I'd have already jumped on it :confused: