5 Speed manual swap


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Oct 22, 2009
Nova Scotia
2005 Passat sedan
G'day all,

Although there's alot of info on this on the forum I'm not sure I've seen anyone who's had it done in this area so I'm pleased to chime in on this upgrade. Over the last year and a bit I've had an intermittent safe mode wondrously slamming the automatic into the 4th or 3rd gear (whichever it is) from a leisurely 110 highway speed. Makes one grit their teeth. Finally last Octoberish it finally locked up and would not recycle out of it by shuttin her down and restarting. Codes always showed low or intermittent voltage to the TCM and or pressure control #2 valve. Grounds were checked and some wires fixed or found faulty but the fixes didn't last. Gave up, ordered the manual parts from Dutch Auto Parts, and finally found someone who didn't think I was nuts for wanting to do have this swap done (apparently in this neck of the woods its a waste of money and too difficult) and was eager to do it. First day and the car is running great. Perhaps I should cross some body parts but I'm throwing caution to the wind. Thanks to Mark Goyetche's shop over on Old Sambro Rd, Nova Scotia.
Anyone in need of automatic axles?