2015 No start


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Apr 24, 2023
2015 Jetta
I regrettably said yes to a person asking to drag their 2015 jetta in that their mechanic replaced the head and head gasket on, and hasnt started since. He says it ran before tearing it down. I can see the car making rail pressure during cranking, anywhere from 3000 to 4500 psi. This should be enough for the car to start i believe. But it will not even come close to firing. It sets P2146 and P2149 during cranking. Following Mitchells prodemand instructions for those codes says to replace 2 of the four injectors if i OHM them out. But im hesitant to do that. Ive tested continuity of all the injector wires between injector and ECM. I'm about to send it back but wanted to check if theres something im missing. Could even be the engine is not in time or other issues from the previous guy. I cannot find a fuse & relay diagram, i know that.