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    Kerma Qpro flash tuner

    Sold to Forrest and on its way out today. Thanks everyone.
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    Kerma Qpro flash tuner

    Replied to all parties with pictures.
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    Kerma Qpro flash tuner

    The tuner works on any TDI they have a tune for that they can flash.
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    Kerma Qpro flash tuner

    Updated price. Want it gone. This price is shipped in box it came in with paperwork.
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    Kerma Qpro flash tuner

    Pulled from my traded in 2013 Passat TDI and car was returned to stock. I'm 99% sure you still have to pay kerma for a new tune. They give a discount if you already have the tuner from my emailing with them back and forth. So this saves you money. $115.00 shipped.
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    Noticeable decrease in MPG with new tires

    Yeah, traction isn't important when it comes to tires....:rolleyes:
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    Broke down on the side of the Hwy on a road trip

    It is covered to 120k miles. Mine failed at 37k miles. They tried to blame fuel, a fuel sample was sent to them, and I sent one to a third party. Third paty came back in 2 days saying fuel was fine. VW took 2 weeks to respond and said it was barely ok. They replaced my fuel system. I was...
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    New brakes??????

    You can use needle nose pliers to push and turn the rear calipers back in. Not hard. Also autoparts stores rent that tool too.
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    Went with a KermaTDI tune on a CR140

    I have it too. Its ok, but the DSG pulls power, and this car doesn't have a traction control off button which is infuriating.
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    AC fan always running...

    The fans run when the AC is on. They also run when its hot of course, and they run when the car is doing a DPF regen to keep the engine bay cool. SO they run a lot. If you shut the car down while its doing a DPF regen, which the car doesn't tell you its doing which is super annoying. The fans...
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    CP3 on a '14 done and running

    For those saying the CP4 has relative low failure rate. My 13 Passat just clicked over 37k miles. This is still a very new and great shape car that is well taken of. HPFP failed and took out the entire fuel system. This is a CPO car so I have another 36k miles warranty on top of factory one...
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    do I need tires yet?

    Why wait when you can get summer tires so cheap. Like these. Great traction, decent tread life, and will make it handle and brake better then any all season could ever do...
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    DSG auto 6 speed fluid change question

    Another good one is I have bought lots of maintance items from them. Good prices, and good people. I have done 3 DSG jobs using their DSG 40k service kits. Being just a filter, fluids, job its pretty simple and costs much less then using the dealer. If your handy I suggest like him...
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    Question about headlight bulbs

    This is my wifes daily driver. So lighting is a important saftey item I was willing to shell some cash out on. It was 100% worth it. Plus it also looks much nicer too. I have LED's in the running lights, and also backup lights on ours. Very nice upgrade.
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    Anyone running water/meth injection

    I ran a kit in my 06 Jetta and it was great. Kept the intake track clean, kept the EGT down when hammering on it in hot FL, and you could feel the power boost. I ran a pretty aggressive 70/30 Meth to water ratio. That car with just a tune and drop in filter with the meth on, is...