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    Who's keeping, who's selling?

    Well, it's been real y'all. Took delivery of the R yesterday. It's everything I'd hoped for in more, just such a good driver's car. TDI buyback scheduled for about 2 weeks.
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    Who's keeping, who's selling?

    Well, I'm officially out. Closed the deal on 2017 Golf R today. Should get into the dealer right about when the settlement checks start coming in.
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    HPFP Failures on E288 Engines?

    I believe the sticking point has always been lubricity, not sulfur levels.
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    Who's keeping, who's selling?

    Sorry, but I think you are dreaming. Who would buy them? Largest buyback in automotive history.
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    Who's keeping, who's selling?

    There are no 2017 TDIS. Don't expect any 2018s or 2019s, or...
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    Who's keeping, who's selling?

    I get that kind of mileage when I take long highway trips (over 50, sometime). But these days I work from how, so lots of short short city trips and not much highway these days. Also live in a hot climate where the AC gets run about 9-10 months out of the year,
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    Who's keeping, who's selling?

    I expect it to be about the same. Same 10kish schedule as the TDI for oil and filters. On the downside, there is a haldex fluid change every 30k change, but no worries about DPF or the timing belt (it's a chain). I work from home these days so I only do about 12-15k a year.
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    power off switch

    press the start button while touching neither the clutch or the brakes
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    40k / 50k service plans?

    My dealer told me that, if nothing else I could spend the balance with them on the card before it expires, and it'll be treated as an account credit for whenever I need it.
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    Speedometer and Odometer off?

    Speedo will always read high. Euro regs allow for the reading to be high by up to, I believe, 10%, but have 0% tolerance for reading low.
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    Anyone know a way to track historical Blue Book values?

    That's going to be really hard to pin down, since the cars were on sale for less than a year prior to dieselgate. Can't imagine that many hit the used market.