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    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    I saw 6.29 for diesel in Philly burbs today.
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    3 diesels a Wedding and a BIG NH GTG

    Well hello and Congrats Peter and Julie. Welp. I'm driving a diesel again. A School Bus this time.
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    WTB: MK7 Driver Side Halogen Headlight SEPA

    I'm located in the Philly suburbs. I looking for pre facelift. I'm willing to buy a set, if priced right. LMK what you have. Thank you
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    TDIFest 2018 planning discussion

    I'm in PA, I was part of the 2006 fest, I'm willing to volunteer. My wife and I have family friends in Leander.
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    Claims Site is LIVE

    2010 JSW estimated mileage 105K on 11/01 getting 15.5K buyback
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    December offerings by Burlington VW NJ

    Sorry to hear the break in at the dealership Chris. I hope you guys recover the cars.
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    2010 JSW clock spring

    I need to order a clock spring for wife's car. anybody have part number?. thank you
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    Boston GTG Sun 10/12/14 @ VW Day - Larz Auto Museum

    are guys going to have a NEDD? I need a tdi, I really miss having one. I'm thinking of making the trip up.
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    96 Passat TDI FS

    /me Wondering if I'm worthy of a tomo owned car....hmmmmm....
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    Knurren, My 2003 Jetta Wagon 5 speed

    Teary eyed.... Glad to see the milestone. After owning a CC for a year, and a MK6 gti for 3 years, I'm ready to hop back into a TDI.
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    Anyone with a VAGCOM in SEPA?

    True, though, he can still have programmed to raise/lower if he inserts the key into the door lock. I know this is a week old. But I'm willing to scan for you.
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    ImpexTDIFest 2014

    Dentwizard for me
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    I need a GTG!

    I would be interested. IT's been way too long since I've been to a TDI GTG
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    5 Gallon yellow Diesel Jugs - PA

    It is a good deal, I want them out of the garage, to free up space. No shipping. Willing to travel 2 hrs or less.
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    5 Gallon yellow Diesel Jugs - PA

    $5 each.... I would like to sell together for $25. I'm located in SouthEast PA/Philly burbs.