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    Has anyone used radiator leak stop to stop a heater core leak???

    Mine is doing the same thing no sign of a leak but fogging with the heater on. I will try the stop leak.
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    Electrical issues

    Hello All, I have an 06 Jetta TDi with 110K miles. The 12v power outlets havn't worked for a while now. While trying to trouble shoot these I checked all the 30a and under fuses. Now I have most of the warning lights on and the wipers don't work.....all fuses were good. I have also...
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    600 mile club

    I am averaging about 44 mpg with three drivers, one a teen. Mostly back roads, very little traffic on the school run in the mornings. Daughter doesn't accelerate hard wich helps a lot.
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    Strange noise

    We have a winner :) The sound does not go away with the pressing of the recirc button but it does change, with every push of the button. Now for the fix. Where is it, how do I get to it and where can I get the parts at a fair price?
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    Strange noise

    The sound starts with the engine not running, ignition/battery on.
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    Strange noise

    Havn't tried this yet, but it only does it when you first start, and when you first turn onthe car (engine not running)
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    Strange noise

    Yes, seems to be only when I frist start going.
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    Strange noise

    Hello All I have an 06 Jetta tdi with 102k miles. It has started makeing a sound like a pump when you turn the car on (engine not running). It sounds like a small air pump and it sounds like it is coming form the glove compartment area. It is louder in the cabin than inthe engine bay. Motor...