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    2010 Tiguan TDI 4motion 6 speed manual FS in Florida

    Photo link is 404, not found! Did you pull em off?
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    GSP axles.

    What about the GRC axles made in France? Sold as OEM but I have never heard of them before.
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    rear LED bulbs

    Also running the same deAuto LED bulbs. No problems now for the last eight years. Just use the OEM bulbs for turn signals and the Phillips long life bulb does the trick.
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    Fluidampr for TDI

    They have marketed the Fluidampr crank pulley for the MkIV TDI engines. If the pulley is the same on your 2006 (I have no idea if they are) it should work. I have one on our 2000 Golf TDI and another was installed on the 2003 Golf R-TDI that was later sold but is still on the road. Both...
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    Trusted Mechanic in Burlington WA area

    Thanks for the details, good to know of someone up north!
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    Trusted Mechanic in Burlington WA area

    There is a small shop north in Bellingham but I have forgotten the name! Or, you can go south and try Matthew at Zahntech in Redmond, they are super and knowledgeable.
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    GotTuned turbo and injector review?

    GTD1756VRK purchased from Gottuned over two years ago. Great turbo, runs circles around the 1722 I had previously. Kept the Bosio 502s' but had them cleaned up and tested just for sure. Run RC4 which is conservative for this setup but I know the boost point, the wife drives the lower end so...
  8. GTG Pix

    GTG Pix

    Various historical photos from PNW GTG
  9. 2013 Images

    2013 Images

    TDI mods, items and hacks for the year!
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    Stop fueling with Propel HPR Diesel

    You guys are lucky. Go even further north and it gets even harder to find. Washington state in particular is slowly loosing touch with sources.
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    Old diesel fuel shelf life?

    And was there any fuel stabilizer added to it before storage?
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    TDI mechanic-Seattle

    If you don't mind driving to Redmond Matthew at Zahntech is great.
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    What turbo to buy?

    Totally agree with Max on this. The newer turbos from these guys in Poland are sweet units and wow do they spin! You can't go wrong and an easy upgrade...but you might run it a bit before deciding if you need tune updating...
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    glow plug light only stays on for 2 seconds

    You can go in with VCDS software and reset the glow period to a longer sequence. You might also want to check the harness and the glow plugs to make sure you are getting the proper glow, no buggered plug or loss of voltage.
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    That is for sure. Sometimes you think you have beat it, then it rises up to clobber you on the head...whispers in the back of the brain...upgrade, upgrade, renew, renew...I sometimes think the car will out live me! Oh, and you are most welcome! Enjoy the process!