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    Mpg of a jetta sportwagon?

    After 4 years - 50,000 miles - my 2013 TDI JSW 6M - per Fuelly - was 44 MPG - in 65City35 Hwy............ YMMV ez
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    1.4 EA211 spark plug change interval.................

    The factory reccomended VW Jetta 1.4L spark plug change interval increases on the newer Jetta models. IIRC - beginning with the 2016 1.4L - all the 1.4L engines use the same double platinum spark plugs.................. Yet the earlier 1.4L Jettas call for 40,000 mile plug replacement - - - -...
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    Great Bosch Benefit

    That is nice to know. I purchased a Bosch Ascenta a few moons ago. I wonder if I overlooked anything in my mailbox..........................
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    Just Got Bosch Settlement $40.27 Check Recently?

    yes I sent $40.27 to my favorite monetary institution (Not B of A!) Combining VW and Bosch $$$ - - - I ended up with just under 25 grand. Considering VW's good faith -prompted by the US court system - I decided to buy a brand new VW Jetta 1.4L turbo........................ To say I am very...
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    Are gas vw jetta/passat worth it vs diesel?

    I put 50,000 miles on my cool VW TDI JSW 6M. Fuelly calc'd about 44 MPG for me - about 35H/65C. Using the buyback bread I got me a new Jetta TSI 1.4L. After 43,000 miles - same conditions - this little 4 - per Fuelly - gets about 92 per cent of my late (and lamented) JSW TDI 6M. That's my...
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    1.4 EA211 spark plug change interval.................

    My 2017 VW Jetta (5M) OM calls for a spark plug change every 40,000. OEM plugs - IIRC - are DOUBLE platinum. I note that all kinds of double platinum plugs are showing a much greater change interval. Why does VW show a much lower (40,000) change interval. My car is not tuned. I show no MPG...
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    DSG "Direct Shift Gearbox" owners data base

    My thanks - Zippy and Divine - for the additional DSG information. All of my Volkswagens - starting with a 1600 Type 1 bug in college - were manual. I think the last automatic I've driven was Mom's Plymouth Valiant with a typewriter- (push button) - shift................. ez
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    DSG "Direct Shift Gearbox" owners data base

    2017 Jetta 1.4 turbo 5M. Next VW may just be an automatic. IIRC - the DSG requires big time maintenance every 40,000 miles. I understand the units shift faster than a human could ever hope for. My question: is it reliable? TIA, ez
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    Who’s going to Tesla after their current TDI?

    My VW 1.4 was under $14.5 - out the door on our left coast. A Tesla costs a LOT of American money (but the instant torque - I will say - impresses.) ez
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    BHP Mileage

    According to Fuelly dot com................... ........and - according to VOA - 150 HP ez
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    ///// Making the Air Conditioning more economical /////

    Again, great (entertaining AND informative) thread. For Mozam: My 1982 VW Rabbit Diesel had a 5M - but I never calc'd 56 MPG. Came close - IIRC 53 or so. At 300,000 I sold it to a VW restoration guy. He said he got twelve grand after paint, other cosmetics et al........(later his son said...
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    ///// Making the Air Conditioning more economical /////

    A thoroughly enjoyable thread - with surprise OH humor ................and engineering observations. My buyback 2 liter JSW TDI 6M showed little MPG/power loss with a/c use. OTOH, the little 1.4 turbo 5M replacement takes a big time MPG hit - 85 cubic inches is a small (motorcycle sized)...
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    CR engine HPFP analysis

    After a '70 Bug in grad school, I graduated (faint humor) to a brand new diesel Rabbit. MPG has always fascinated me - so a succession of diesels followed: Quantum, a little Rabbit pickup I drove for 300,000 fuel efficient miles and lastly the (now) infamous TDI. VOA's buyback...
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    What am i getting myself into.

    OH, once again you've made my day (Thanks). ez
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    What am i getting myself into.

    you've covered the oil change from the miles driven aspect in detail. I'd be interested in your take on the time element...... for example 6,000 miles and over one year (I know what the dealer would say) Any thoughts on this? ez