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Hi Barry

so here a couple of weeks ago the stereo went out on my 2011 VW Jetta TDI and I started researching what to do and it seems to be a common problem! Also in researching your name came up so I am checking to see if you could help me out? I also read some about upgrading to a newer unit…mine is the xxxxxxxxxAC unit and seems like guys think the xxxxxxxxxAE unit is better. Would appreciate any help.
If you decide to scrap that cylinder head, let me know. I know how to repair this. These other guys are helpless.
I have an auto 2002 Jetta that I want to make a manual. I think I have all the mechanicals( or nearly so ), but I would like to hire your guidance on the electrical bits. The 'kill da auto wabbit' post is slightly less than, 'tab A into slot B' clear. Are you game?
frans how are you, i saw a post about replace o swap de gearbox 5th to 6th for vw mk4, and i need a little more information about that, can you help me a bit a bout that please, thanks, good day.
Marine Spare Part's Man injectors used Available For Sale Main engine and auxiliary engine etc . I am marine Spare used parts exporter.
I have a 2014 Jetta Tdi Premium. My fuel pump went bad today and The Volkswagen dealership told me that Jetta fuel pumps are back ordered and they have no idea when the fuel pump will be here. They want to put a fuel pump that is not Volkswagen in my car. Does this sound right? Are Volkswagen fuel pumps for 2014 Jetta tdi not available?
Define "fuel pump". Your car has three of them. All if which are available in the aftermarket from the OEM supplier (Bosch).
Hey I'm new here. I'm thinking about swapping from an auto to manual transmission in an 01 Jetta TDI. I know the transmission from a gas wouldn't work but would all the other parts from a gas fit? Like the shifter linkage and clutch pedal?
I need a VW trained TDI mechanic who doesn't work for VW.
The cost of labor at that place is ridiculous.
I know the feeling. That's why I'm here today as well.
I need to fix ac. The ac was working perfect, i have to change the fuel filter and after that the ac stop blow cool, only hut. I change the control valve of compressor and nothing. already change the new compresor and nothing to. Vw Jetta 2006 tdi 1.9l manual transmission
staten Island jetta
did you check all your fuses? i had a similer problem and all it was is the fuse!
I went to the dealer they say me is the cooling fan and control module relay
Hello, I was wondering if you know any good mechanics on Maui who can do work on a mk4 wagon? Just wondering, I seen a conversation where you were looking for vwrobert51 contact info from the trusted mechanics list, and of course he hasn't been active since 2010. Id appreciate any help! -Mike
Hey Andy, where in SE KY are you? I am trying to find someone to hopefully fix an 09 Jetta TDI that has been modified in several areas (aka going to a Dealership is a no-go)... or can figure out that it is not fixable. My live-in mechanic passed back in March of this year. Am in Taylor county KY. Thank you.
I live in Whitley County off highway 92 West of Williamsburg ........ a pretty good distance from you.
I'll be glad to scan codes with VCDS at no charge! Keep in mind, I have not worked on any VW TDI newer than an 06 Jetta. But, my VCDS will scan your engine, etc.
I have 05 volkswagen passat 2.0tdi bhw. Waiting for 6 speed transmission. I want to do a swap. Could you please help me what flywheel and clutch and pilot bearing and custom pilot spacer do I need.
Please email me at
Thanks again
Your custom pilot space is for 05 volkswagen passat 2.0tdi bhw? I'm doing manual 6 speed swap. Waiting for transmission to come in but I want to gather all the parts I need including clutch and flywheel.
Mine email is could you please give me some pointers. Thanks

I'm no longer interested mainly because I lost the source of used oil.
And, I really don't have time to do a grease set-up.

Hi. I’ve been reading your posts about if the CTS in disconnected from the ECU it makes the timing very advanced. I currently have a short somewhere in my CTS wiring path to the ECU. I hope to address that soon. In vcds when I go into basic settings my timing value on the graph is 255 but in my measuring blocks group 000 and group 004 it is in normal spec. Which one should I trust?
I am looking for the right rear brake caliper mounting bracket for a 1997 Passat TDI. Do you have one you would sell and ship to 19362? If so how much shipped? Thanks Scott
please text me your number, I'd like to speak with you about this car

I can be reached at 616-560-7450,


Hello greengeeker, this is Chris and I have a 01 tdi bug that's acting up and beyond my knowledge.
Car still runs but has a snapping whining possible bearing noise. I'm not able to diagnose much at this time, my back is out. I could line up a car trailer if you're available anytime. Feel free to message back here or fire me a call or text at 763 528 5250. Thanks much!
Hi. I was wondering if you ever got your starting issue figured out on your jetta? Is your CTS still unplugged to get it to start? Mine is doing the same thing. I'm wondering if having the CTS unplugged is bad for the engine.
I actually just got around to getting that fixed a couple of days ago. My injection timing was WAY out and was causing the hard cold starting. Once I got the timing adjusted with a VAG-COM the car starts like it should with the temp sensor plugged in. I don't think that having the sensor unplugged is bad for the engine, but it will cause a decrease in overall performance and mileage.
Hi, I saw you ordered the EGR delete from How was the quality of the one your received, compared to the fitment problems MikeRobb reported? Thanks, Neil