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Hello there, My name is Dan and I got an old post of yours about passat rear amber signal lights. I hate this red ones and if you are kind to help me out with some info about. Ive got 2016 passat tdi. My email is Appreciate
Tengo estos dos fallos y no se como solucionarlos, por si alguin me puede ayudar, muy buenas tardes y gracias de ante mano.
01423 - Sensor Aceleración Lateral (G200)
01221 - Bolsa de aire lateral con sensor de colisión; Lado del conductor (G179)
You responded to my post of 5/2/23 asking what am I trying to do. I did more work on my NO START ALH and have a detailed post on 5/21/23. I would greatly appreciate it if you would take a look and give me any of your insight. Thank you.
I am just wondering if I might post something to see if there is enough interest in a possible class action lawsuit against VW for TDI owners because of recurring failures of DPFs and the cost of repairs. Might I post something on TDIclub, and if so, where would you suggest I Might post something?
Hey Bob!!! Thanks for all the years of support. Us amateurs and newbies really benefited a lot from it and there's so many great contributors here and you're definitely one of them. Thanks! Also, are you anywhere near Marion?
Not far, we're in Columbus.
Thanks for the kind words!
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Hey Brian, I really appreciate all your input in the forums, both past and present and a preemptive thank for all the future work. I love reading your comments and especially your threads. Wish we lived closer to you so I could be a client lol. Hope all is well with you!!
I am totally new to TDI Club. I just like what I have read, liked the straight forward approach! As my handle suggests, I am a Vietnam Vet, Da Nang 68'. I do not at presently own a TDI, but I will, hopefully soon.
I have a 2015 Passat TDI SEL and the Headunit needs a firmware update as it won't seem to boot up.
Intermittantly I just get the VW logo on the screen and it goes blank for a few seconds and then returns to the VW logo again.
Help please, can you send the firmware and install instructions.
I am Uber driver and no radio is a disaster
Hi, can you please email me directly as I don't always receive message notifications from the forum for some reason.
j a y s k i 9 9 @ h o t m a i l . c o m
Without the spaces in my email.
Thank you
Seen you had a TAB and towed with a mk4. Doing same, need advice!,

Wanted used ones and quickly ended up ready to buy new with the new off-grid features (tab 320 s).
Recommend the TAB (I know yours was lots older but still)? Durability good? Did it tow okay?

Thanks so much! -Jon
P.S Character limit is small, feel free to send multiple if needed!
Hello,new here..
I was having some trouble with a project I'm working on,needed some help. I have an 05 Jetta manual with a motor out of an 06 Jetta automatic (engine was running just b4 we pulled it) car will turn over but will not fire throwing codes for cam position changed sensor same problem. any ideas would help thank you.
Hello everyone,
I have some problems with my wife's 2010 polo 1.6 TDI. The DPF, glow plug and engine management came on plus it went in limp mode.
Plugged the vag-com and came out fault code P2458.
Any help will be really appreciated.
Thank you.
Good afternoon. By any chance will you accept $140 shipped to 21409, Annapolis, MD paid via PayPal. Thank you. Bob 443-871-5588