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Hey Andy - I saw your inquiry about the grease car components in a car for sale thread. Is that something that you’re looking for? If so, shoot me a text. I’m selling the kit I removed from my A4 Jetta.

open the actuator and see what it is inside. now they are tuning 2060vklr on the hella actuator, everything works fine
2015 Passat 6M Koni Special Active Shocks, H&R OE springs, Malone Stage 2
2014 Jetta DSG H&R Sport Springs, Malone Stage 2
Hi Deb (?), sad to say your sedan with an automatic and a possibly blown up engine (head gasket maybe)? isn't worth anywhere near your asking price. I'll offer $400. It would be an 11 hour round trip for me.
Please let me know when you would like to come pick it up. I will get the title ready to transfer. Also, please bring cash.
As far as tuners go, Mike @tdtuning. com is very sharp guy. He gets called over to Europe once-in-a-while, but I have know him for 12 or 13 years, and never had any problems. His rates are better the Malone or Kerma. In the past 10 years he has written multiple tune for me based on my need at the time. His update prices are very reasonable too.
I was searching for motor mounts for the CJAA engine and saw your profile.
With all the power that you're making, have you upgraded the motor mounts at all? If so, what are you running?
Do they have a bracket on the engine side mount to support the fuel lines running above it?
That's my issue currently. I can't find any that have supporting brackets.

I'm still have to stock mounts. So I can't speak on any out there. I do drive with a heavy foot and she feels fine stock. If anything in the spring I was looking at the dog bone insert. Just a stage one(softest one) so the vibration doesn't increase in the cabin too much. Iv heard of others increasing the idle speed to over come these vibrations. And that's not something I'm after. Good luck with ur search
Sorry to bother you but I noticed you are a veteran here thought maybe I could ask you some questions on glow plug issues
had my '04 Jetta 1.9tdi BEW for 3 years. So far i have ended up doing a lot to it and learning the world of diesels and VW. I did an EGR delete when I replaced the timing belt stuff, the turbo, the cam, lifters and all that, plus a head gasket. I now have a code engine light on that I don't know how to get it off. Anyone have a suggestion how to get these EGR system codes deleted??
Hi Jayski,

My RNS 510 encountered some reboot problem and thus I am interested in the firmware you mentioned (v5382). I am a little cautious/nervous on updating my system. Therefore, would it be possible for us to talk over the phone briefly before I pull trigger. Thanks a lot in advance. My current firmware is v5374.

Best wishes,
Did you manage solve the problem as I have the same problem putting into reverse car is cutting out and dash lights going off
New timing belt procedure how different from ALH?
Have BEW engine now
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Kenosha tdi
I have a BEW as well but the videos I watched of the BEW to ALH was virtually the same. BEW just has the EGR and other pallution control parts. I think so anyways. I did an EGR delete on my '04 jetta 1.9tdi BEW my friends idea but then he couldn't remove the engine light. So now i have an engine light on.
Hi there,

I'd like to come check out your wagon. I'm in San Jose also.

They've changed the format here, can't tell if this is a PM or a publicly viewed deal, as I can see HeyZeusBC's message below. Would you send me an email so I can give you my cell number (or ask questions through email, if you prefer).

howdee, I need an alh engine for a wagon. Is your chassis worth saving or ok to trash it and save the engine ? Thanks.
The Golf I have for sale and the Jetta that I will soon have for sale both have great bodies. I am not currently looking to part them out. I would hate to see them crushed, but if you want to buy the whole car, you could certainly part it out yourself.
Howdy, in the classifieds section y'all warn of dire consequences of posting an ad without pix. Seems the new forum format makes that slightly difficult and there are several ads without pix...I would offer that having a rule that is not enforced is not good practice. Not sure what y'all would do about it, but hoping there is something.

Douglas Piccard
it'll get sorted out. We're not going to change the rules just yet.
I figured you folks were working on it. Thanks for the reply, and hope to see you soon when GTG's become possible again... :)

Matt- How did you run the rear fog in the Mk7? I've seen the Vortex thread about using VCDS, but can I just run a wire from the euroswitch to the tail lamp assembly? Thanks. Stay warm up there! -Steve

I do not know if you can run from the switch itself, to me that would be a giant pain to snake a wire that distance and then deal with getting it to the hatch.

You can pop off the rear hatch interior panel and run a jumper/T connector to the rear fog. I used an online post to do it and then had my neighbor, who has VAG-COM enable it for me!

Take care,
Thanks- I'm not that concerned with running the wire from front to back, I think the 7 is even easier than the IV in that regard, and I was trying to avoid the re-coding that's in the vortex how-to (and later re-posted to Fred's) because it will likely interfere with some other lighting mods. Thanks for getting back to me- sorry I thought you had more info. Take care, -Steve
How do I PM you? Sorry ... I was last on this club website 6 years ago when I owned a diesel Passat.
Hi Holmenick,

I'm searching for AHU 11mm pumps, and your thread a few years back came up

I'm looking for a bigger pump and wondered if your 11mm pump was stock to your AHU?

Also, on my 10mm pump on my 1Z, I'm getting a 255 as pump timing, which can't be correct, so will need to figure out what the problem is there...

Hi, thanks for offering that piece up. I am going to put a VNT17 on my BEW sometime soon. This will be a great help. Please let me know how to send you some shipping $$. Just so we are clear, this is the special one needed to install a '17 onto a BEW, yes?

Douglas Piccard
Correct. I pulled this off of my 2006 Golf (BEW) that had a VNT17 on it.
When you have a chance, give me a call or txt. Last night, when inquiring on non-B4 seats, I ended up in msg conversation with a NVA person who told me that in he has a supply of B4 parts that he wants to unload & to bring cash. He did not provide any details. I am going over tomorrow to take a look. What are your needs & wants? BTW, I am just now finding time to get back to my B4V. Bob 443-871-5588
Hello Jayski,
Can you please help me get the FW update for my passat ?

I've an RNS510 in my Passat CC year 2013 :

- 3C0035684G
- HW Vers = H02
- SW Vers = 3696
- HW Veh = 0xCA01
I can make the firmware available for you to download and burn to a CD-R or DVD-R

And can make it available anytime for you, it's about 500mb in size so a fairly fast download. If you are unable to burn it to a disk I can also mail it to you.

Hope that helps!
Hi mate drop me a message on Facebook regarding bkd head on pd engine regards rob pomone is my Facebook

Tom said you import and sell 6 speed trans conversions?

I am interested in a kit possibly.

My cell is 434 971 7924


I was trying to reach out to the seller of the 6 speed trans conversion kits but I could not remember what his user name is .... I think it was Franz but it did not pull anything up?

Hi, I'm not sure why this didn't show up sooner. Yes, Frans, Dutch Auto Parts. He speaks great English too.

OK got it .... Thanks

PS - Ill call you tomorrow about when I can bring the car up for some TLC ..... Thanks