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Good morning. I'm researching an issue with my Jetta after 4Motion retrofit. I came across this question that you asked but got no replies. Did you ever figure out an answer to this? Thanks.

Anyone have a coding chart handy for the BEW ECU (EDC16)?
Or should I just stick with the popups from VCDS?
Specifically, do I need a certain coding for 4motion or will it just "talk" to the Haldex on its own?
2013 CKRA Passat turbo cartridge replacement.
132407 miles I made this replacement a part of my maintenance at this mileage. It had not yet failed. If you are thinking about replacing the turbo cartridge, I just finished replacing mine successfully. Unfortunately the message exceeds the limit and I will be glad to email my notes from
2012 passat replaced high pressure fuel pump, new injectors. Car will not start. 1600 psi actual 4000 desired. Could reman pump be bad also.
You might check the pressure regulator and pressure sensor located at each end of the fuel rail. I replaced the pressure sensor and the high pressure regulator when i replaced both of my pumps. I have a 2013 Passat TDI SE and the high pressure sensor is part 03L-906-054, High pressure regulator Bosch 0 281 006 074. My pump was worn, but I believe the problem were these two on the fuel rail
Thanks for the quick reply. I am interested in purchasing the clip or the entire receiver if necessary. Do you also sell parts for the 1-2 synchronize and locking ring, as well as a seal kit? respectfully,
Thanks you for the information, and quick response. My wife will be sending you the money via Pay Pal shortly. I emailed you my address and a picture of my receiver to verify that it is indeed the "slotted" shifter rod. Like the one on the left from the pictures to posted.
Money Received - thanks!

Ill send it out today :)
Thank you very much
I may be able to do this, depending of course in the details. What are you thinking?
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This being get your transmission to Chicago.
OK, neighbors.... I am in the Detroit area and have a 2006 TDI jetta with 396000 miles. I drove from Mobile, Alabama to work at GM on assignment. I would like advice on a TDI mechanic within a hundred-mile radius, Just in case I need one..... You know ... it's best to have a plan in place , whether you need it or not......
Many Thanks, and Regards.....

Kenny Tarver (
if you need tuning or upgrade options for your 2.5tdi v6 i might give you hints if ever needed.
My 2011 sportwagon with 120k miles needs another DPF (warrantee work at 66K but parts not covered after 2 yrs). Engine light on & soot in the tailpipe so probably cracked DPF. Still running OK. What's would your cost to replace with cheapest parts? DIY might be beyond my mechanic skill level and I don't own a code reader for reprograming anyway. Any suggestions on how to cut this cost??
Sold my beloved TDI Sportwagen and ordered 2016 Sportwagen, which never arrived (needless to say!). Moved to a GTI after that, now have a well modded Golf R (2018).
Need a tool kit for my car, can anyone recommend me a kit that is best with all the necessary tools and in reasonable budget?
Hi: I'm looking for someone close by who could lend their expert eye towards my '03 golf TDI.
Are you still accepting work? I'm close by in Sonoma. Feel free to call or text 415 299-9161.
Thanks for now...

Hi Peter a front Koni FSD on my TDI wagon failed. I have sent off a warranty form with supporting docs. I have had these on over 5 years are shocks provided in sets under warranty? Should I replace both? Stay with FSD...
Thanks for your input.
Rick Rask
current cars:
1998 Jetta TDI 165k stuck in garage for now.
1997 455600, fresh turbo, shifting cables. Supposedly a stage 2 cam? Daily drive, Has what seems like a misfire when running.... suggestions?
hi Alan,

I have several sets of seats... what exactly are you looking for?

Hey Frank I have a 2006 Brm with 130,000 miles. I put a colt cam in it and about 1,500 miles ago it lost some power. I popped open the valve cover to find premature wear. I had a stage two cam. I am looking for a cam kit with your improved bearings. I would also like to get new valve lifters and cam bearings studs. I live in long beach Ms
Hi guys I found out 3 of my Injectors are wet at the nozzle. I have Audi A4 2.0Tdi 2013 model.

The car is smoking, it used to smoke after 2days now is continuesly smoke at first I thought is turbo then I reconditioned the turbo it's problem did no finish

Do you think these injectors are the main suspect? White/grey smoke that's the smoke
Selling 2011 Sportwagon Manual Full Rawtech exhaust High flow cat and Res with stage 2 Tune and Clutch Master Stage 2 Clutch
Hello group......have a problem hope I can get info with. Have a 2003 jetta tdi. Been driving it with no problems until this morning tried to leave and car has no electrical power at all. Full battery. Nothing works. Any ideas.
The first thing that you should check is your battery connections. If your connections are loose, then it will affect the flow of electricity so that less power is going to the electrical systems of your vehicle. try to use a nippers tool to check the battery connection dont check it empty handed
Hello guys I experiencing a problem with my polo 1.4 of 2003 TD 9n.just stopped on freeway and never start again.tried diagnosis machine shows this code
I need a help please
Any chance you could share the RNS-510 Firmware and map updates that Jayski shared with you?
thanks Keith... let me keep it in mind...

I'm looking for a B4V as I'm very familiar with them... I'm not sure I'm ready to learn all over again for just one year newer.