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1998 Jetta TDI 165k stuck in garage for now.
1997 455600, fresh turbo, shifting cables. Supposedly a stage 2 cam? Daily drive, Has what seems like a misfire when running.... suggestions?
Hey Frank I have a 2006 Brm with 130,000 miles. I put a colt cam in it and about 1,500 miles ago it lost some power. I popped open the valve cover to find premature wear. I had a stage two cam. I am looking for a cam kit with your improved bearings. I would also like to get new valve lifters and cam bearings studs. I live in long beach Ms
Hi guys I found out 3 of my Injectors are wet at the nozzle. I have Audi A4 2.0Tdi 2013 model.

The car is smoking, it used to smoke after 2days now is continuesly smoke at first I thought is turbo then I reconditioned the turbo it's problem did no finish

Do you think these injectors are the main suspect? White/grey smoke that's the smoke
Selling 2011 Sportwagon Manual Full Rawtech exhaust High flow cat and Res with stage 2 Tune and Clutch Master Stage 2 Clutch
Hello group......have a problem hope I can get info with. Have a 2003 jetta tdi. Been driving it with no problems until this morning tried to leave and car has no electrical power at all. Full battery. Nothing works. Any ideas.
Hello guys I experiencing a problem with my polo 1.4 of 2003 TD 9n.just stopped on freeway and never start again.tried diagnosis machine shows this code
I need a help please
Any chance you could share the RNS-510 Firmware and map updates that Jayski shared with you?
thanks Keith... let me keep it in mind...

I'm looking for a B4V as I'm very familiar with them... I'm not sure I'm ready to learn all over again for just one year newer.
Hey, Jeff Robertson and I go back a few years, of course, over TDI's. I saw you posted about his house fire. Tried calling, but I'm sure the phone is his last interest. I don't know how extensive the damage was. Hope everyone is ok.

I haven't tried to contact him, but another local TDIer who lives even closer than I, told me that he'd had a serious fire. Last time I was over at his place, over a year ago,
he was getting in to rehabbing Segways, and playing with batteries for them. I'll surmise he might have had an electric fire playing with Lithium Ion battery packs.
BTW, I stopped in a couple of years ago at your place with a couple heads.
I'll assume they're still on your shelves, At 193k on the clock my Golf is just starting to show some wear on the original cam. I've bought a stock cam and lifters from
IDparts, but from all reports a port and polish and possibly extra spring(s) is a good idea. Let me know when you've got some time to discuss.
Hi I saw you have been adding information to what Derek White has shared
In the Passsat cluster EPROM = location $DB where you call it Variant
I have found the following:
eg. $DB = 0x22
first digit = 2
2 = Auto
second digit = 2
1 = no MFA
2= MFA
$DB = 0x21 ==> Auto with no MFA
$DB = 0x01 ==> Manual with no MFA

If you want to talk about this I can be reached at

hi Keith, regarding the 98 TDI wagon,

is there ANY rust(have you had it on a like to look it over recently?)
is is there a sunroof?
is it blue of black?
what maintenance is due?
have you run in on veg oil previously?
There is virtually no rust, none that I have found. The B5s just dont rust like MK4s.
Yes, there is a sunroof, works fine.
Car is black with some metallic flake.
There is no maintaince due currently.
I have only run some biodiesel in t hi is car, no grease.
Sorry to bother you , Dale , but I have got the exact same problem, Can i ask did you find the fault and did you get it fixed , thank you Paul

Going to be in St. Louis on Wednesday/Thursday this week to visit my daughter. Driving my 2000 Audi TT -> TDI. I'll try to stop by Thursday morning and say "hello".

Nice to see you, have a safe trip!
Brian, great talking with you last week. Had a great drive to St. Louis and back.

I think I remember you doing a ring job with the engine still in the car. Do you remember doing that? I have a 96 B4V that I think has a blown head gasket. The car has 313K on it and I was thinking of doing a ring job while the head is off. Let me know. thanks Dave
Actually, I never did the rings, I just replaced the head. It still had good compression across all the cylinders and I never saw the need to dig into it further. Even at 383k when I tore the head off I could still see the writing on the pistons and the cross hatching on the bores.

Quantity adjuster P1563 lower limit reached
Modulating piston movement sensor P1354 electrical malfunction
Tps P0226 implausible signal
Needle lift sensor P1247 open or short to open
Egr valve P1441 open circuit or short to ground

These are the codes I have mk4 tdi alh wont let you rev it past 3k
Dear Houpty GT,

I saw that you had a 2000 Golf TDi for sale. I am interested in your car. I had a 2003 TDi Golf years ago and I would like to bring one home again. I live in Charlotte, NC. Please let me know if I can have a look.


hello there, i saw u have the new firmware for RNS 510, i would need it if its possible.
mine is
HW : H70
SW : 4120

I would need something new bc mine stoped working, and i read that it could be only bc of the soft
Thank you
Hey Frank, I hear you are the Head Expert.
I have a Head Crack question,.. 2002 ALH TDI. I am doing a new head gasket, sent the head out to get surfaced and found one chamber had a hairline crack from the injector, to the intake valve. Is this a 'replace the head' or 'run it' scenario? Been searching and a few have said that it's not a prob and run it. I would appreciate your input.
I discovered the same crack in my 2006 BEW head yesterday, but I have not had the head resurfaced. I have the crack in the head on all 4 cylinders. While looking at the crack with a magnifying glass, I realized there's only about 1mm of aluminum between the injector hole to the valve seat. I thought, what were they thinking when they designed this head? I also am wondering how to proceed.
Hello I think I need the filmware update I have a 2014 VW Passat TDI SEL Premium that sat for 5 years with a blown up motor in it Seems like it takes long time for radio to load and always goes to the MDI page on it. What information do you need and what does this cost? Thank You Rick