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Just to be clear, the flex tube has a leak and should be cutout and replaced. This was custom made and will take a bit of fab work to fit an exhaust pipe. It does have a V Band on the end.
I'll do $115 shipped.
After some thought, I can do $80 shipped.
Hi, this is Todd with the 11mm and 10mm pumps. Are you still interested?
Yes, absolutely! Just realized my preferences weren't set to notify me via email of any message responses. Heading to PayPal now.
Fedex 2 boxes
Good Evening sir,

I have a 2002 1.9 TDI Jetta and had an engine runaway and locked it up. Just pulled the motor and dissembled. Result 3 of connecting rods bent and 2 damaged pistons. Somehow the block survived. My question after removing all the pistons and rods the crank turns very free no tight spots.
I have more questions but limited on here

Regards Al Hawes
Lincolnton Ga
My question after removing all the pistons and rods the crank turns very free, no tight spots. No visible damage to the crank (I didn't remove it) and would rather not if possible. With all the force it took bending the connecting rods what would you suggest on the crank? Should I pull it and dye check? I don't want to spend a ton of money on an engine.
Do you have a suggested place for parts. And.....I'm not a typing kind of guy if you had some time could we speak on a phone call. If not any help would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Al Hawes

Lincolnton Ga

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Hey man, I came across your TDI swap thread, you touch on the HVAC part. I actually swapped a TT225 into an R32 shell and my AC doesnt work, I keep getting a code for: A/C Pressure Switch (F129). Curious if you still have that excell sheet that you might be able to share?

If you do, could you email it to me at: fouckhest at ?

Hi sorry to bother you I have an Audi A4 B5 with the AHU engine and from the forum I saw that you were talking about how much can the stock clutch handle. Do you by any chance know how much the stock clutch can handle for the AHU? My clutch is a 228mm.
What is the price on the Passat Wagon? I might be interested. Give me as many details as you can together with pictures. You can text them to me at 678-662-2770

Thank you
Hello Jayski,
Can you please help me get the FW update as well as the map update for my passat ?

I've an RNS510 in my Passat TDi Highline year 2013 :

- 3C0035684G
- HW Vers = H03
- SW Vers = 3696
- Map Vers HDD = 7870

Thanking you in advance for your return,
Hi, can you send me your number and I'll give you a call? Thank you!
And yes I do have the latest firmware and nav updates for your unit.
Thank you
Thank you for your help
Hello, my names Colby and I just kind of got into tdi’s a little over a year ago. When I got my first tdi, which was a 2006 Jetta tdi. The red one I have had nothing but issues with but still love it. Now I bought a 2001 black Jetta tdi. Absolutely love both of them. I live in McMinnville Oregon. Not sure what else to say
Might someone know the terms of VW's TDI Direct program? I believe as part of that program, in addition to an emissions fix, new tires and brakes, wiper blades and battery were installed before the cars were offered for sale? I also believe VW offered buyers a bumper-to-bumper warranty on these vehicles? Can anyone speak to this?
This was true three years ago when the court lifted the stop sale and VW was selling off new vehicles they had in inventory. And when the buyback cars were first offered for sale some were both CPO and had those prep tasks done, but whether or not they were actually completed varied by dealer. At any rate, that program is long gone, I believe.
All is well in paradise... in Retrospect, The Weirdest things happen when an AC related fuse blows... while the AC is not getting cold The Fresh air/Recirculate button just glows a little, and then i noticed the cruise indicator on the dash lights and goes off when i press to recirculate and back on when in re-circulate mode... Replace the right fuse and that all goes away...
Weird and I am Stuck... On My 03 Jetta Wagon the AC Just quit working So I thought it may be a fuse Cause it was just working great... #30 on the fuse card looks like air related. So I pulled it while the engine was running... IT STALLED.... I replaced the fuse and Now it doesn't start up at all... Cranks and cranks but no start....
Seen you're also looking for a wagon, have you had any good leads? I'm located a few miles from you, do you know Joe Woods from whaley lake? give me a call or text if you get a chance

Matt 845-224-6883
Don't want to publicly post copyrighted material, but just as a proof of concept, here's a link to my copy with one added bookmark in the .pdf.
(Main table of contents, the giant "1" for the Engine section will jump you to that page.)
That's cool. What tool did you use to do that? It would be nice to be able to automate setting up the entire table of contents, and the index, like that! Also would be good to move the table of contents to the very beginning of the document (that's not too hard) ... in retrospect, I should have made the very first book mark go to the table of contents. I will likely fix that.

Is there anyway you could send me photos of your wagon you have for sale. may be interested. You can text them to me at 570-279-2634 or if you can attach them in some way through Pm here. up to you..

Thanks Charles
Hey- I just saw this. For some reason all the TDI club stuff was going to my Spam. I will take pics for you asap
New find to me 2015 tdi sel jetta with lightening pkg Xeon pick up in rockchester michigan 4,600 miles
this is my 3rd VW. 1st was a 02 Beetle TDI. 2nd was a 97 Golf 2.0. 3rd is a 11 Jetta Sportwagen TDI 6 speed