Zenec a bolt-on replacement for monsoon ?


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Jan 20, 2006
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This came from another thread. I could not figure out where to post this other than here, there isn't a "multimedia" thread on this site. And since it involves a non-VW company ...

We were talking about how important tunes are on a long road trip - I wouldn't last an hour without music, and let's face it - Monsoon is good, but for us with older cars and fading equipment ...

This one person posted a comment about Zenec. Before you all go totally nuts, I don't own stock in them or their company at all ( my 401k got "liquidated - Ask my ex-wife if she owns Zenec - lol ), and I was just curious.

It looks like for 2009 they will be offering models that go back to the Golf IV platform. Not sure if that is what we call Mark IV here. It also looks like the system is very modular

So here are my questions:

1 - is this a true bolt-in replacement? Bolt-in means you unscrew a few screws, undo a cable connector, connect in a the new device, re-attach the few screws. Also means little or no bezel kits, etc. Also means works like a stock unit except has additional features that can be added. Means you're not making funny cuts in metal, etc. They certainly imply it.

2 - Anyone own one of these ? Like it/Hate it?

3 - If you own one, anyone have any issues getting it to work ?

4 - If you own one and it has the navigation to it, do they have NA ( North America ) maps ? Doesn't look like it currently.

Memo to the Zenec company - if you came to the USA with this, I'd buy it in two seconds if it's as easy to snap in as you say it is.

The pages for upcoming 2009 stuff are only in German - oh well