WTB: 02 or 03 Passat GLS Wagon


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Jul 4, 2000
Brighton, MI
First off, I know it wouldn't be a diesel, but my darling Wife doesn't want one. I'm just assuming those of you with VW's and VW connectons might be able to help me out...

I'm looking for an 02 to 03 GLS Passat Wagon. Doesn't need to be 4 Motion, and I don't need leather. I have no preference for motor; 1.8T v. VR6. (any W8's for those years?) Wife wants (trust me.. she needs) an automatic.

Really don't want anything with over 35K miles. Probably looking to spend no more than $14K for the right car. That seems to be a pretty repetitive selling price on Ebay for 1 two 3 day quickie-type auctions.

Obviously, pics are a big help as well as the location of the car; the closer to Mid-Michigan the better.

Email me at: lasvegas911@mailcity.com

I can be reached at 517-788-9018 during the day from 0830 to 1700, EST. Thanks in advance for your responses and kind words.