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Words or Caution when traveling Montreal!


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Sep 21, 2005
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So I made it through today and wanted to share some information with you all that might be helpful:

1. There's some minor construction on autoroute 15 going over one of the bridges. nothing major, but slows traffic down a bit.

2. GOOGLE Maps will send you to the hotel via Boulv. de Sources... this is incorrect. Please continue further down autoroute 40 ouest (I believe) to Boulv. St Jean! The hotel is there.

Good luck, i hope this information helps you find your way to the golden rainbow of TDIFest!


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If you are coming from the east and you miss where route 15 splits off and turns to the north side of the airport (guess who did) and you find yourself still on route 20, then take the Boulevard Sainte-Jean exit off route 20. The hotel is about 2 miles NORTH from the rt 20 exit, or just south of the route 40 exit. There's a sign in the corner of Boul St-Jean for a Comfort Inn. Our Holiday Inn is reached by driving all the way past the Comfort Inn entrance to the end of Holiday St.