Why I think Bio and Diesel is on the upswing - Hey VW - you listening ???


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Jan 20, 2006
Rochester, NY
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Being in the mixer business as a programmer, our Sr. Sales guy had a Bio Plant poster hanging on his wall from BioDiesel Magazine. I begged him for it and got it !!!

The numbers are staggering - right now the capacity is 1172 MMgy in the USA alone. New plants under construction will add 1158 MMgy - again, that's just the USA alone. That means that when all the plants are online they will be producing a bit over 2300 MMgy. That's 2.3 Gigagallons for you computer freaks.

The poster shows the tremendous growth - the first year was only 2 MMgy in 2000.

So a memo to VW - get on the bandwagon. It's pulling away from the station fast. Offer your own conversion kit. Offer warranties for cars with the kit. Do it long before any other car manufacturer does it.

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