Who got good results tuning VW 1.9 BLS engine?


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Sep 16, 2017
VW 1.9 BLS
Hello my friends!
I want to put some more horse powers on my tdi VW with 1.9 BLS engine.
Few months ago I've made a remapping up to 145hp , but now I am ready for the next step and would like to have a little bit more, may be go up to 200-220hp.
Aim is to keep vehicle's look close to the stock, less smoke, good start from low rpm (low turbo lag), characteristics of fast everyday road car.
Who got good results with tuning of BLS engine?
It has upper turbo position and I am not sure that majority of turbochargers used for 1.9 tuning will fit this engine.
I was thinking on GTB1752V, GTB1749VB or GT2052V (from 2.5tdi), GTB 2056vk.
Who knows what turbo will fit my engine with less modifications?
What nozzles do you advice?
Thank you


Apr 29, 2017
vw caddy arl
its not worth upgrading the turbo on these, they like throwing rods at stock whp.

the problem is on the bls,bxe,bkc etc vw decided to use a smaller journel crank with smaller diamiter conrods so they have a tendency to snap and put a whole in the block

now the arl/asz engines can be bought cheap and you can put one of them in and run them of your ecu with very few mods or you can simply put the asz/arl crank+rods in and it runs great

the older asz/arl have a bigger crank but the actual block is the same so the parts are interchangable to an extent