White and black 00 with iPad mount


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Oct 5, 2007
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I don't know how to post pics for my ipad so I just copied my post from newbeetle.org. I don't think I've ever posted anything up about my car so here it is.

Ill talk about my ipad mount first since I don't have any other accessable car pics right now.

I used a RAM floor mount for a long time, but it wobbled and interfered with the beetles passenger seat canting forward.

Basically I yanked the radio and screwed a RAM ball mount to a block of wood which is also secured in the dash. Oh, I also don't like head units nor the people who constantly tell me to spend 400 on one which "doesn't suck." What doesn't suck today surely will suck tomorrow.

For audio I use an Apple AV cable with stereo outs to a JBL powered volume knob (at 5v for a nice clean signal) then to a Clarion EQ before going to the rear to my Alpine amp and door speakers/sub. I have a cheap kicker in a box which kind of fits into the spare tire. The bass is nice and sound quality is good for the price. It does not compare to good ear buds of course.

Dedicated hardware does one job and does it well. I spent under $150 for the mount, volume knob, and EQ plus cabling. My last Headunit wasn't horrible, I just needed a place to put my ipad and a better EQ.

For using google maps and music, this setup is great. It is all controlled by one knob, has no screens, buttons, lights, nothing. Plus when you park in a dump you can unscrew the mount and leave behind only a block of wood, and a rubber ball. It is also solid and won't flop around or go anywhere during a crash.

A custom mount would have meant totally removing the vents and lots of creativity. Plus I would have to reprint my trim and this project took about an hour. If I did car shows or something I would make something custom.



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Feb 11, 2005
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I don't know how well it'd work with a full-size iPad, but this vent mount holds my iPad mini very well. That "micro-suction cup" technology is really cool.

I just have a cheapie JVC head unit (CD plus Bluetooth) with a couple of USB ports on it; while it doesn't charge the iPad out of the USB, it does provide enough power to not run down the iPad battery. And it does a fine job of powering the iPhone when I'm just traveling with that.

No cables (audio over bluetooth), and total price was $25 (I already had the head unit - which was like $70 or something).