While We're Talking Aboot CV Joints


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Jul 27, 2019
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2014 JSW
2014 JSW manual here with an inner passenger side CV joint starting to sling grease.

OEM or after market replacement? And where to source from?


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Oct 25, 1999
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Check with various entries in the vendors stuff for sale threads. At least 2 of them offer OEM and suitable aftermarket solutions.

If the only thing that is happening is that the boot is torn, then you'll only need a new boot. The inner CV joint (well, on the ALH anyway and I am assuming yours is similar) is much easier to R&R than the outer one is, since the inner doesn't need to keep the wheel bearing together.

There is a special tool that is very useful when the metal band clamp that comes with these is used. It is needed to provide the crimp that holds the clamp. If you are determined not to use it, then you could get a metal band clamp at a local hardware store and screw that one into place instead.

A good kit will also supply new grease for the joint. You would just need a bunch of paper towels to clean things up, install the new boot on the CV joint, apply the new grease into the joint, then assemble it all together and seal up the boot.

Not particularly difficult, just a little messy.