What to log in VCDS for my situation?


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Jan 18, 2001
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Greetings all -

So, I need to take some logs. See my sig for recent mods.

Issue: acts like it's flooding (too much fuel) from a stoplight in 1st gear until about 2500 rpms. Same issue in 2nd but not as much so. 3rd through 6th seem fine.

From a stop, I have to feather the clutch and accelerator very very carefully so as not to stall. If I use too much accelerator, I end up accelerating even slower, then producing a lot of smoke before clearing its throat and accelerating well.

IQ is at 4.8. Injectors are balanced to each other to within about .10, and they're new anyway. Turbo, vacuum pump, vacuum lines, Pierburg MAF, intake manifold, N75, tune, lift pump all new. Exhaust (downpipe back) all new.

BUT issue was around BEFORE all of the new mods. So, something is up. About the only thing not changed is the vacuum reservoir, but I've had no issues at all with brake pedal feel or braking.

I feel like the issue has been around ever since I got a new injection pump several years ago. I also remember posting some logs earlier that showed requested/actual being fine. My boost gauge shows boost starting at 1500 rpms, and once up and going boost response continues to be excellent.

Weird, eh? Why would I be over fueling?

What do y'all suggest I log?


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May 29, 2004
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Your issue seems to be in the lower RPM range, I would log various measuring blocks looking for out of spec readings. A4 TDI engine measuring blocks/groups
The ones on the Malone page are great, mostly targeting low power -

"Most logs are done in 3rd gear Wide Open Throttle (WOT) from 1500 RPM (diesel) to redline"