What $ get you what at TDIFest 2010?


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Jun 28, 2010
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Like I said in the other thread, I'd be happy to take people to see some sights and take people out for food. I'm sure the Sheraton food is fine, but Portland has some awesome restaurants, and we are the Cart Capital.

I'm not sure how long I will stay or on which days, but I'd be happy to give rides when I do.


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Sep 11, 2003
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Keith, You fill find all the information on the TDIFest registration site. Registration prices are required for participation in TDIFest.

Current breakdown:
Registration: $35
Drag Racing: $30 per car, $10 per spectator
Saturday Lunch $15
Sunday Banquet $35
Hotel rooms are $99 per night plus taxes.

Why does it cost money to attend TDIFest? It's the largest fund raiser for the TDIClub. There are also costs for venues, food, etc. With registration comes a t-shirt and a goody bag, the Friday meet and greet, access to vendors with special TDIFest pricing, show-n-shine, etc.

Registration goes up to $40 on August 1st.


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Sep 21, 2005
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Unclear what is required to reach each aspect of TDIFest? If all I want is to reach the vendors, what must I pay? If all I want is to reach the drag race, what must I pay? If all I want is the saturday barbeque, what must I pay? If all I want is to reach the vendors and the sunday banquet, what must I pay? Need a matrix....in plain american....
Here's the way it goes....
To attend TDIFest, you must register on the registration website: www.tdifest.com. Registration price is currently $35 (until August 1st, then it goes to $40). All funds collected from registration help to fund TDIFest in order to make it an incredible fund raising event for TDIClub. With the cost of registration you are able to:

  • get a name tag, t-shirt, and goodie bag at check in.
  • attend the meet n' greet, speaker presentations, vendor tables, tech sessions, friendly competitions, raffle, show n' shine, wii tournament.
  • events for extra cost: Sunday Awards banquet -$35, Drag Racing -$30 to race, $10 to watch, anything you purchase through a vendor or at the merchandise table, extra raffle tickets, extra t-shirt, hotel room -$99/night (plus applicable fee's), other meals of your choosing throughout the days.
Also, are there any lists of those willing to share a 2, 3, 4, ... person hotel room? Are there any lists of those willing to carpool to get to, stay from ? to ?, return, and costs? Are there any lists of folks with RVs/Trailers/homes willing to share with others for free/fee/food/etc.? I realize americans are so independent they prefer to do things isolated from others; but, some of us grew up very tollerant of sharing space/time with others in lodging/travel arrangements. Any hope for us??
those lists usually start popping up on their own as time draws closer to Fest and people begin looking for roommates for the hotel.
Carpool lists are started by those looking to arrange it -usually it's regionally based. Take a look at the TDIFest 2010 forum section for anyone posting in your area. Your particular region forum may also have members posting looking to caravan to fest.
RV's/trailers, etc are not allowed to house occupants while on hotel property, so while you may ride to Fest in one, you may not stay in it on hotel property due to the hotel's proximity to the airport, and the obvious notion of sleeping in a trailer on a lodging facilities property.

any hope for you...absolutely, i don't see why there wouldn't be. Just have to keep your eyes on the forum and make your own posts and suggestions and arrangements as you like. :)