What are PowerPlus nozzles !?


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May 10, 2000
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Kerma is selling some PowerPlus nozzles !?

What are these ?
(The number cannot be the whole size in um - can it ?
Then those holes would be ~0.5mm !! Way big !!)

Any data-sheets etc. ?


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Sep 23, 2001
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Hello Mr. Charlie,
We have developped something that might interest you: its name is POWERPLUS 520. I think it's a good equilibrium between the need of more fuel and the problem of smoke in the exaust system. We have tried them both in normal cars both in ones with the turbocharger and the electronic centraline modified and in both cases we had very good results.
The same "philosophy" for these nozzles is available for the following items:
POWERPLUS 357 is the equivalent for BSLA 150 P 357 (TDI 90 hp).
POWERPLUS 502 is the equivalent for BSLA 150 P 502 (Audi - VW 5 cyl. 2500 cc.140 hp).
POWERPLUS 772 is the equivalent for BSLA 134 P 772 (FIAT Ducato/ IVECO Daily 2.8 tdi).
POWERPLUS 591 is the equivalent for BSLA 148 P 591 (MERCEDES Sprinter).
Best regards

Giuseppe BOSIO

P.S. You will recognize easly them: they are all..... "dressed in black".
<font size="2" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">I am getting a set of the "POWERPLUS" nozzles designed for the TDi 110 to test....

The three numbers correspond to the last three numbers in the Bosch part number they are intended to replace or upgrade. (The XXX part of "DSLA 150P XXX)

The POWERPLUS 502 is a special version of the 0.216 mm nozzles...

We talked some about developing nozzles especially for the higher injection pressures available with the pump that comes on the NA auto trans cars.....

I have more information coming, and it will be posted on my site as I get the time (after my "day job")

But for now you get to be teased.

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Feb 20, 1999
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hi im interested in your injector nozzles..but i have a ? the tdi uses 2 breaking pressures and to find a bosch shop to adjust the breaking pressure the right way is pretty hard to do correct?..how have you gotten around this?..and your powerplus nozzles any of htenm fill fit a tdi injector?..as i have a race tdi setup im building that would use the biggest nozzles i can use. id like to hear from you soon thanks
\x/ hillfolk!