Well I DID see the engine from a '99 AHU :) put to good use!

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Mar 20, 2011
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Well...it's not an ahu, it is not even a TDI. Paying just a little bit of attention it was easy to
figure out it is an IDI, and not even an AAZ. It is a 1.6. They state it is out of a 99 jetta, but I dont know of anywhere in north america that got 99 jettas with a 1.6td.
What a waste, would have been a much better rig with a tdi.


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May 1, 1999
For $1000 for that engine despite the low claimed miles on it, they got ripped off, but hey, a show has deep pockets. The motor is probably from an 89, not 99.

There is some good sense stuff with the Greasecar kit - I would have no problem running one or recommending it for someone with an older Diesel.


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Mar 23, 2011
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NOT a ahu, not out of a 1999, and not a TDI
these shows are 100% BS, and nearly no work is done by the cast, only mechanics and really crappy writers who dont know a darn thing about automotive, let alone TDI's. they only know what they can find on google lol. shows like this make me cringe back to the days of pimp my ride and hot rod makeover with foss.
SMH that anyone things this is real tv let alone that the DIY guy and his garage can do this in anything close to the time it took them for tv magic!