Weird ticking sound not consistent with rpm


New member
Mar 18, 2023
Okay so I gotta a 2006 jetta 1.9l turbo diesel injection at work and when I started there when it was cold it would make this weird almost rotational ticking noise. So I took of the drive belt spun the pulleys and the tensioner was almost seized I put it out side started it again cold and it was still there. I listened to the tensioner and idler pulley and they sounded like they were about to let go so I asked when it was done and it’s been over 150 thousand to say the least. So this week I replaced the timing belt, after being off a 1-8th to 1-4 of a tooth, and having to do the job again it’s running great and way more peppy. But the ticking noise is still there. If I give it rpm it goes away completely. It also will make the noise go away for like a minute and make the noise again if I lightly touch the accelerator (not enough to raise rpm) the noise goes away. I’m pretty sure it’s the anti shudder valve or spring. But when it makes the sound it really sounds like it coming from the passenger wheel well. Other possibilities are the transmission. Any help would be appreciated