W8 Passat cluster to TDI Passat


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Mar 21, 2015
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I picked up a w8 Passat cluster and am wanting to use it in one of my BHW Passats. I know there was a how to on here somewhere for putting one in an Mk4, but don't know if it would work for a bit, and I can't find that how to. Not sure why, but the search function doesn't like w8, as it's too short of a word..
Anybody able to point me in the right direction?
Oh, I've got vcds and kw1281test and know how to use each of them, so there's that as well.


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Oct 23, 2013
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I have successfully modded a W8 passat cluster into my mk iv power train.

Another program you will need is dashdumpedit to transfer your existing SKC, immobilizer keys, and (if you want), your instrument calibrations to use your BHW diesel instrument faceplates.

You will have to add a glow plug LED to the W8, and a possibly a feed back resistor (or the ECU throws a code that the glow plug light is non functional).

I originally was using immo 2 faceplates, so I had modified the cluster to swap the glowplug LED. I have immo 3 gauge faceplates now, so I've removed the extra wires and the LEDs are in their original locations.

I have alot of what I did to my W8 cluster in my build thread: https://forums.tdiclub.com/index.php?threads/yet-another-corrado-tdi-swap.517464/

Cheers, Joe
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Mar 7, 2005
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I just did this over the weekend. Took me longer than it should have as the retaining clip on the green instrument cluster plug broke and I thought I had it fully seated but it wasn't, so I got a bunch of weird errors (oil pressure/immobilizer/etc warnings) that I chalked up to something wrong with the .bin or flash.

It's really a super simple swap. Mine was complicated by the fact I needed to replace the LCD, but that's also a pretty easy job with the right soldering iron tip. I ordered a set of MKIV TDI sport faces from the UK off of eBay ($40) to get a W8 style tach with diesel redline. I ended up keeping the W8 180mph speedo for a variety of reasons (fuel/temp gauges are different on mk4, aftermarket faces don't have hole for light sensor, etc). After that it's just a matter of dumping the .bin (KW1281test), copying everything over (Dashdumpedit), and uploading the new modified .bin (KW1281test again). I didn't solder in any LEDs or change anything with the coolant/ambient temp sensors. I don't get an error message about a missing glow plug LED, and everything works perfectly.