VW wants to save 5B; reduce choices?


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Dec 3, 2012
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According to this news article (in German) VW needs to reduce cost by 5B euros (time frame not specified), and part of the package of measures is apparently to kill all options that are ordered for less than five percent of a model: "Winterkorn sagte dem Bericht zufolge, dass die renditeschwache Pkw-Kernmarke, zu der unter anderem Golf und Passat zählen, in Zukunft auf kaum nachgefragte Sonderausstattungen verzichten werde. Angebote, die von weniger als fünf Prozent der Käufer gewählt werden, würden gestrichen. "
Translation: 'According to the report [in the German news magazine 'Der Spiegel'], Winterkorn [CEO of VW] said that the low-return core passenger car brand, which includes among others Golf and Passat, will do in the future without low demand special options. Offers which are selected by less than five percent of customers will be eliminated.'
So much for more choices...

There is also a comment by the work council [workers' representatives in management] about the utter shipwreck that is the model policy of VW of North America: "Gar als "Katastrophenveranstaltung" bezeichnete der Betriebsratsboss das Unvermögen des Vorstands, in Nordamerika zur richtigen Zeit mit den richtigen Modellen am Start zu sein. "
Translation: ' 'Catastrophy performance' is what the head of the workers' council called the inability of management to have the right models available at the right time in North America.'