VW Passat B7 (NMS) white smoke from bonnet and leaking sound heard from inside.


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Feb 7, 2016
South Korea
I have Passat B7 live in South Korea. Total mileage is about 120,000 KMs (about 75,000 in miles).

First of all, please watch the videos I recorded:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PzJlNUBhZqg (white smoke came out from 40s.)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_RvJ0Dd6F4 (gas-leaking sound)

This is my third time to see white smoke from bonnet. With white smoke there're more symptoms:

- White smoke from bonnet
- Belt-slipping sound.
: I cannot write it to words, I'm not good at English.
: Engineer said it might be belt-slipping sound.
- Heard gas leaking sound when I'm in car

First time was end of October last year. I was waiting for my colleagues to go business trip with them.
I drove about 50 KMs(about 30 in miles) to get to meeting spot and got out of car with engine running.
After 5 to 10 minutes, phenomenons described above occured.
I was freaked out and could not use my car.

I went to service station and replaced several parts:

- Air-conditioner condenser
- Replenished refrigerant
- Water pump
- Timing belt set
- Operation belt set (I'm not sure this is right word)
: Timing set, V-Belt, Tensioner

Second time was December last year. I was waiting for getting in parking lot of deparment store. Same phoenomenos occured.
I want to same service station next day, but they didn't know what causes those problems.

Third time was last friday. The phenomenons happened again. ***.
I asked these symptoms to forums in South Korea, no one said clear causes.
Today, I'll go to service station again.

Is there anyone know what is wrong with my car..?