VW DERF...Help me...Mr. Wizzard!

Herm TDI

Nov 21, 2001
Richmond, Maine...The far side of Witsend
2002 Golf GLS Malone Stage 3, P+520 nozzles, 11MM Inj pump, Sachs VR6 clutch, Stelth Race Pipe, Immo Deleat, EGR Deleat
Hello Moderator Derf,
I can not seem to be able to access the photo server. Every time I attempt to log into the server it asks me for my user ID & pass word....and every single time it comes back with an error. So I even had the password E-mailed back to me from the server link....and again I tried to log into the server, and I still get an error.
Can you please help me gain access to the photo server?

Thank you...

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