Virtual View of Sunday River Resort


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May 27, 2003
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You can take a look at the Sunday Resort/Grand Summit Hotel via this link:

At that web site, in the upper right corner, type in: 97 Summit Rd., Newry, ME. Next, click on Street. Give your PC time to download (usually in seconds).

There will be a picture view of the hotel lobby on the left of your screen. In the upper left of the view is a directional indicator. Click to do a 360 degree view.

Now, on the right, see the stickman? Using your "cursor" and "left click," move the stickman to any of the blue line streets/alleys/roads for additional views of the area. The blue line streets will activate the instant you pick up the stickman.



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Jul 2, 2000
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That's a pretty great site! You can go down the road and take a peek at Lot 8, which is about the size of a football field. We'll have plenty of space to stretch out and have fun. :cool:

If you go to you will see the embedded map of the area. It is color coded and labeled with the different areas if you want to take a look and we what we're planning on doing and where. Of course, the parking lot layout is subject to change - we'll update the map accordingly if that happens.